Saturday, 19 November 2016

PodCLASS: Brave-ish Heart

We've probably reached the point where these no longer count as surprises. Also, this one is late, to further play the "not a surprise" card. April and Ram go on a heart hunt while blossom eats peoples' faces and April's dad gets to be some kind of crap hero. Yup, it's Class all right.

Join Joe and Chris as they bluff their way in 12-string guitar playing & Sikhism and discuss:


Sunday, 13 November 2016

PodCLASS: Nightvisiting & Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart

Surprise again!

Okay, probably a bit less surprising, though this episode of EHPodcast does feature a rare bit of outside broadcast (as a result, our carefully cultivated music bed only lasts half the episode. You'll have to think of your own songs for Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart. You should be able to come up with at least one.

In the series, there are some conversations with dead people and nice gooey vines all over the option, as well as some gauzy sex and all manner of bonkers stuff that doesn't quite make sense.

Simple write-up this week, let's just get stuck in to:


Thursday, 10 November 2016

PodCLASS: For Tonight We Might Die & The Coach With the Dragon Tattoo


Well, before we get into the surprise, let's try some unsurprising news: this podcast was recorded weeks ago, in two sessions and was intended for release as two separate episodes but Chris took ages to get the episode done. I know, right? Unprecedented.

Anyway, here we are with our first looks at Class, the not-for-kids kids' spinoff of Doctor Who. Neither episode contains our most in-depth analysis, partially to do with our own podcast rust but also, it must be said, because of the content of the episodes themselves.

But perhaps we've said too much? Get stuck in as we look at the first two episodes of Class:


Monday, 11 January 2016

PODCAST: The Husbands of River Song

Believe it or not, this is the most punctual Eleventh Hour Podcast Christmas Special ever, beating the previous winner by an entire two weeks .

In our rush to bring you this, there have been compromises - it's a shorter episode than usual and we barely pick apart the episode at all, beyond making our opinions of it very clear. It doesn't help that we're also both really ill. As you can tell, neither Joe or Chris are marketing geniuses but it you've enjoyed former episodes then we hope you like this one, too!


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

PODCAST: Hell Bent

It's the now-traditional "relaxed" final episode of a series of EHPodcast. Not because we're secretly drunk but because it's showing up days after you might expect given the scheduling of the rest of the run.

No mind, it's here now and - shock upon shock - it contains that rare EH? occurrence, the dreaded DIFFERENCE OF OPINION (brrr) wherein Joe and Chris - amazingly - don't feel exactly the same way about an episode. However, we muddle through without murdering each other, and that's true friendship.

Along with a celebrity guest cast (well, Donald and MB) we break down Hell Bent in probably the most lax fashion imaginable and actually come to some conclusions and stuff. It's ...riveting..., trust us.

Listen to HELL BENT and we'll see you after Christmas! x

Friday, 4 December 2015

PODCAST: Heaven Sent

Something that both Joe and Chris are coming to appreciate is how frequently the team in charge of Doctor Who pull a bold experiment. We prefer it even more when it works.

An episode consisting over 90% of Capaldi completely alone and in one single environment could be a huge, boring backfire or an exceptional tour-de-force. And if we can stop talking about musical instrument infidelity, novelty groinwear, Dark Souls, the stupidness of the English language and, of course, the Ultimate Warrior's astonishing death timing, we may even tell you what we thought.

So, strap in and prepare for some occasionally dark chat, (as well as a song called Crystal even though the episode itself says "diamond" and even that's not the stuff the wall is made of) as we become HEAVEN SENT.

Friday, 27 November 2015

PODCAST: Face the Raven

So she's finally gone, face-down in the street.

Clara, then, eh? Certainly the most ambitious, far-reaching set of character arcs ever crammed into one perfectly fine but somewhat nondescript figure. In Doctor Who. Apart from The Doctor. An impossible girl, created by leaf and destroyed by bird and scattered throughout time and space and also she kissed Jane Austen, you know.

Joe and Chris get decidedly unemotional as they cover this well-received, somewhat overwrought bit of telly and produce probably the only Doctor Who podcast this week to throw in an entirely relevant reference to The Rage: Carrie 2

We record at Joe's this week so naturally every idling car outside sound like a passing Star Destroyer but on the plus side, neither of us play any instruments and there's a shocking moment where one of us has a thought that's best not spoken aloud and we DON'T THEN GO ON TO SPEAK IT ALOUD. An astonishing development, I'm sure you'll agree.