Sunday, 18 August 2013

PODCAST: The Twelfth Doctor

"It's not gonna be him" is how both Joe and Chris responded to the rumours that Peter Capaldi might be cast as the Twelfth Doctor.

It's not quite up there with weatherman Michael Fish's 1987 comment regarding the possibility of an incoming hurricane but it's pretty embarrassing. On the plus side, we feel our error is less likely than Michael's to be used prior to thousands of amusing smash cuts to hurricane footage on nostalgia programmes about the 1980s, but we guess time will tell on that front.

Nevertheless, Capaldi it was. He is an actor with a long and varied career on stage and screen but who also played Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It and so his long and varied career on stage and screen is generally ignored.

Can he replace this typecasting with another bit of typecasting, like Jon Pertwee attempted to do with Worzel Gummidge? We are ready and waiting to find out.


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