Friday, 30 September 2011

PODCAST: Closing Time

Closing Time: every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end, probably. And so we find ourselves wasting some time in the company of Craig Owens and learning that it's nice when fathers and sons bond, which we're sure you'll agree is a theme which has been under-explored in Doctor Who this year.

Join Joe and Chris as they jam on bass and hands, go "dip-dip doo" again during the spoiler curtain and generally be unimpressed at Closing Time's approach to anyone who isn't a white man. None of that sighing, you, we genuinely wish we didn't have to do that.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

PODCAST: The God Complex

It wasn't all that complex, and it certainly wasn't God. If it turns out that God actually IS an episode of a television programme then it'll most certainly be that episode of The Colbys with the alien abduction at the end.

Toby Whithouse's third Doctor Who was a beast of two halves of unequal length, divided in a slightly ungainly fashion, and as a result has also divided audiences in a similarly ungainly fashion.

Find out the shocking truth about Joe and Chris's opinion of THAT ending and try not to be bothered by the sounds of our fidgeting.


Image from SONIC BIRO

Friday, 16 September 2011

PODCAST: The Girl Who Waited

Here at The Eleventh Hour Podcast, we've always been fans of the way that podcast releases are staggered over the week so that if you're a fan of a show, and an avid podcast listener, there's always a new one coming out that you can listen to. The Eleventh Hour Podcast, true to its name, has tended to be geared towards the end of the week but on this occasion (for which Chris accepts full responsibility) it's much later than usual.

Mind you, since the crux of The Girl Who Waited involves Amy being trapped for an incredibly long time in a dull, joyless hell without any indication that she will ever smile again, one could say that we were merely using the podcast in a metatextual fashion in order to bring this experience to your lives. Would you buy that?

Friday, 9 September 2011

PODCAST: Night Terrors

Mark Gatiss takes his fourth bash at televisual Doctor Who, the same number of episodes (disregarding Time Crash, obv) Steven Moffat had written by the time it was announced he would be taking over the top role.

Gatiss takes the opportunity to tell us what little boys are made of, to tell parents that kids should watch scary telly and to return us to the kind of housing estate that was once one of the prime concerns of the RTD era and provides a largely successful, but very familiar feeling, chunk of telly.

Join Joe & Chris as they discuss why George has a dollhouse, plan a party in a hallway, question the gender of a dog and impersonate Sylvester McCoy. How could you possibly resist?


Image adapted from one uploaded by SONIC BIRO


Thursday, 8 September 2011

TORCHWOOD PODCAST: Miracle Day - End of the Road

There's a bit of End of the Road which essentially goes like this:


Jack, I've noticed something weird about the floor here.


That's great. Would you mind keeping it between us just for the moment?


I dunno, I think those CIA guys who keep threatening us and acting in a really antagonistic fashion need to know about this.


Seriously, though, please. Could you just keep quiet on this just for the moment? Cool. I'm glad we have this level of trust now we've been working together for ages, developed a rapport y'know? Seeing as how we're all on the same page and have been trying to stop the government and its agencies burying the truth and acting in sinister covert ways over the course of this truly extraordinary adventure that we've found ourselves on. At this point, you suddenly deciding to ignore me and tell the CIA about the thing I'm asking you not to would be completely bizarre and would make no sense for your character or any of our experiences thus far.


Hey, CIA guys - come and check out this weird floor!

But this is Miracle Day. Eighth episode and we still haven't completely abandoned ourselves to the fact that stupid crap like this is going to keep happening.

Join Joe and Chris as they navigate the eighth episode of a series that STILL feels it needs to restate its basic premise twice an episode. While you listen, why not have a go at Bat Masterson's EHPodcast Bingo?


(Available playlist on Spotify)

Friday, 2 September 2011

PODCAST: Let's Kill Hitler

Blimey. It's safe to say some of you didn't like that. Possibly so much that you caused Chris's internet to fail, we haven't been able to prove it it either way yet. So yes, old-time technical issues has caused a 'Doctor's Wife'-style emergency live recording conducted, for the first time ever, in Joe's new flat. Exciting!

There's really too much to say about the episode itself (and that was indeed one of the problems with the episode) to bother summarizing here, except to say we thought it hovered around the nebulous 'not great' to 'OK' quality range. Hopefully, the episode itself will summarise our views, and the issues many viewers had with the episode much better.

Haha, yeah, that'll happen...


(also, note that we recently released our podcast for Torchwood: Miracle Day's seventh episode "Immortal Sins", which you may have missed. Track it down, yo.)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

TORCHWOOD PODCAST: Miracle Day - Immortal Sins

You know the form by now: not much happened, everyone is stupid, "Miracle GAY more like" etc. Despite that, Immortal Sins offered the most watchable episode of Torchwood in a while, a love story between two men in the late 1920s, with an alien brain parasite in it - a classic tale if ever there was one.

Join Joe and Chris as they battle technology and WIN. And if you're here for the Doctor Who podcast, that'll be along tomorrow. Love you all! Yes, in THAT way.


(Available playlist on Spotify)