Wednesday, 8 August 2012

TORCHWOOD PODCAST: Miracle Day Final - The Gathering & The Blood Line

A mere eleven months after it was recorded (and thus more punctual than our episode for Patrick Troughton surreal-fest "The Mind Robber" can ever hope to be) it's our final episode of the short-lived Miracle Day podcast! You can find out what we thought of episodes nine and ten of Miracle Day (except that we've already told you our basic opinion in a completely different episode) as well as hearing our usual impeccable music choices resolutely talked over. In a newly-recorded intro section, your lovely hosts talk about the new Doctor Who trailer, but if you wish to completely avoid such chat you can do so by winding on to exactly 25 minutes dead. See, we're nice to you spoilerphobes. Remember to check in below for our playlist (themed for the Miracle Day episode, whatever we felt like for the intro) and enjoy! Finally.

LISTEN TO "MIRACLE DAY FINAL" - Playlist on Spotify