Monday, 24 November 2014

PODCAST: Death in Heaven

In keeping with Eleventh Hour Podcast tradition, the final podcast in a season's run has had a leisurely release. That being said, this is relatively snappy by our regular standards.

Death in Heaven, then, is the slightly incomprehensible series 8 finale in which Miss Master and the Cybermen hook up to revivify the dead solely so they can become slaves to whoever owns the controls. You've gotta wonder what's in it for the Cybermen but actually, like most Doctor Who villains, they've never been the best at nefarious plans.

Join Joe, Chris and Donald in a cup as we discuss the evasive nature of language, bad voiceovers, what the correct response is to a permission to squee, and - briefly and for what we hope is the only time - a particular bodily fluid.

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Friday, 7 November 2014

PODCAST: Dark Water

Ooh, that sneaky dark water. Hiding the truth until just the perfect moment, to wring maximum dramatic tension out of a scenario. According to the BBC, the perfect moment in question is in a trailer shoved on to the end of the previous week's episode, thus rendering both the reveal and - it appears, given the events so far - the entire time Steven Moffat spent coming up with the dark water concept entirely pointless.

Still, despite that, much to enjoy. Some great Jenna action, a shock departure (for now), the spirit of Malcolm Tucker, more of the current, unappealing design of a classic villain and THAT.

If you've seen the episode, you'll know what THAT is and how you feel about it. Well, it's done now. No going back.

Join Joe and Chris as they kick the table the recorder is on, talk over Donald, reveal their thoughts on THAT and nail their PC-brigade colours to the mast.

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