Sunday, 24 October 2010

PODCAST: We're Still Alive!

Howdy all, welcome back to The Eleventh Hour Podcast. Before we get cracking, we'd like to call your attention to this wonderful bit of EH Podcast art sent to us by listener Sam K-G. Fashioned in glass and having survived a perilous journey across the Atlantic and then on some buses from a Parcelforce office in Acton and replete with "Series 5 crack" motif it's the perfect accompaniment to a set of cute Time Squad toys as seen above. (Some of these for Eleven and his pals, please!)

It's bit of a ramblecast this one as we talk about what we've been doing, how the gravity bubble planes from Victory of the Daleks have been explained within canon, the upcoming Sarah Jane Adventures story "Death of the Doctor" as well as touching on the Christmas special and Series 6 (and 7?)

Chris experimented with a different way of recording himself this time with some success but occasional distortion.

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