Friday, 29 April 2011

PODCAST: The Impossible Astronaut

The 2011 season kicks off and drops you right in it. This year, the production team of the series has decided that if you've never seen Doctor Who before, tough luck. Pay close attention and catch up or get stuffed and so we get a dizzying concoction of death, aliens, presidents and Things That Make No Sense. Very impressive. Joe and Chris are back with the shave chat, Creme Egg omelettes and a spoiler for Torchwood: Children of Earth (sorry about this, consider it a warning but it's the most famous spoiler from it so you probably know it anyway).

Some technical points: an echo of Chris's voice on Joe's track has been responsible for the slow release of this podcast. We have as much as possible tried to line the two files together to dramatically reduce the presence of this echo but at times it will make its presence felt. Hopefully it will not detract from your enjoyment. Finally, after last week's somewhat quiet Episode Zero.2, this podcast has been ENLOUDENED in a way that is entirely new to us. Let us know if you thought it was successful or if you found the results a bit too brash and fuzzy.

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

To Absent Friends...

Image courtesy of Doctor Who Magazine.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

PODCAST: Series 6, Episode 0


No music. No editing.

You may recall that last year, we did an Episode Zero in which we relaxed our usual spoiler policy slightly, and just talked about what we know about the upcoming series of Doctor Who unencumbered by our usual musical score or our pace-setting editing trickery.

Well, this year we're doing it again, as well as also talking about Space and Time, this year's excellent Comic Relief sketches as well as the Richard Nixon-tastic Prequel to the series. If you are spoiler wary, the biggest spoiler we address (and one which we do not, and have not tried to, know the answer to) is the one splashed all over the front of this month's Doctor Who Magazine so we doubt you would learn too much to your disadvantage.

Technical note - produced on a new computer with some different software, file may be less loud than usual. We will address this in future.

Anyway - enough of this guff. Get stuck in:

Listen to EPISODE ZERO.2

(Image from BBC Pictures, by way of Blogtor Who).