Saturday, 23 November 2013



Listeners of the Eleventh Hour Podcast are often heard to state that they enjoy just hearing Joe and Chris having a chat, even if it diverges them heavily from the subject of Doctor Who.

That's good to hear, because this episode is going to test the mettle of even the the most ramble-happy, Who-diverging crowd in that it's basically a catch-up chat wherein your hosts briefly talk about seven minutes of extremely good Doctor Who action in the shape of the Night of The Doctor mini-episode starring what's-his-name.

So, join Joe and Chris as they create the hotdog pizza helpline, cannot pronounce the surname of a long-standing listener and challenge industrious, voyeuristic listeners to both construct a timeline of Joe's personal life and define Chris's employers just based on the clues given in previous episodes.

Lazy voyeurs will also be happy to know that they can learn of Joe's personal habits when working from home just by listening to this single episode.

Men mentioned include Cliff Burton, Trace Beaulieu, David Boreanaz, Van Ling, Bo Dallas and - funnily enough - Paul McGann. Give it a spin!

And remember, THREE layers of pizza recursion is nonsense.

Image, once again, courtesy of Grande-Caps
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