Thursday, 19 July 2012

PODCAST: Series 7, Episode 0


No music. No editing.

It's been a relaxing old time in EH?-land. At least in terms of podcasting. We've both been very busy otherwise in our own special and private ways and so we love a good Episode Zero to get us back in the swing of things. For those who haven't heard an Episode Zero before, we just record, talk and then release it free of tricksy editing or background music (and, usually, voicemails but we have a chatty new customer this year so we stuck her on).

The only real important thing to remember is that for these episodes only, our usual spoiler policy is completely relaxed and we talk openly about what we know and speculate wildly about what we don't.

Oh, and for the very first time we solve the mystery of exactly what the Tenth Doctor's very last act was. We think it stands up to canonical scrutiny. Enjoy!

(image, as you can see, courtesy of the Radio Times)