Wednesday, 19 May 2010

PODCAST: Amy's Choice

Five years after the events of the Eleventh Hour Podcast, Joe and Chris have settled down in peaceful Upper Podcastshire, but one day their rural idyll is shattered by the arrival of A Badly Thought Out Metaphor Based On The Doctor Who Episode "Amy's Choice". Nope. No idea where to go with that one. Don't blame us, it's late and we aren't very clever.

Scroll down the comments for the playlist - Playlst on Spotify


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Friday, 14 May 2010

PODCAST: The Vampires of Venice

The "Vampiric Puns Guidebook" states that we must begin this update by imploring you to get your teeth into the new episode of EH?, in which Joe and Chris discuss The Vampires of Venice and look up stuff live on the internet AS YOU LISTEN. Some good listener feedback this week, too. Thanks to everyone who has emailed and commented on the blog. It's much appreciated!

PLAYLIST (on Spotify)

Antsy Pants: Vampire
Gerard McMann: Cry Little Sister
Ikara Colt: Sink Venice
New Musik: Dead Fish (Don't Swim Home)
The Human League: Mirror Man
OryZhien: Le Miroir
Les Savy Fav: Raging in the Plague Age
The Tremeloes: Silence is Golden
The Sleepy Jackson: Vampire Racecourse
Tenacious D: Master Exploder
Radiohead: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Simon and Garfunkel: The Sound of Silence
Z: Mommy
Chromeo: Momma's Boy
Harry Gregson-Williams: Vamp
Filter: Take a Picture
Killing Joke: Love Like Blood
New Musik: This World of Water
Pere Ubu: Caligari's Mirror
Brian Eno: Little Fishes
Andrew W.K.: Let's Go On a Date


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Friday, 7 May 2010

PODCAST: Flesh and Stone


Battling against the odds referred to by Joe/Horatio in his lovely update explaining why the episode is going to be later than usual (although we deliberately don't have a scheduled release day), here it is after all.

Still - you should have a look at the previous entry to see the watch photograph that we mention on this episode.

Enjoy in good health, and see if you agree that this is possibly our strangest playlist to date.

PLAYLIST (on Spotify)

Go West: We Close Our Eyes
The Aloof: One Night Stand
Liars: Sailing to Byzantium
The Cure: A Forest
Giorgio Moroder: Watch Your Step
David Byrne: My Big Hands (Fall Through the Cracks)
Elton John: Kiss the Bride
Dweezil Zappa: The Kiss
Mastodon: Crack the Skye
The Moog Cookbook: Bob's Funk
Fox: S-S-Single Bed
Les Savy Fav: Kiss Kiss is Getting Old
Alisha's Attic: Sex is on Everyone's Tongue
Andrew W.K.: Not Going to Bed
Tarwater: Stone
Pulp: Modern Marriage
Jack Jones: Angel Eyes
Mike Oldfield: Tears of an Angel
The Swing Bach Ensemble: Prima Ballerina (Theme from BBC Schools' "Watch")
Queens of the Stone Age: In My Head
Combustible Edison: Seduction
Kruder & Dorfmeister: Original Bedroom Rockers
Primus: Bob
Roger Limb: Kassia's Wedding Music
Paddy Kingsland: The Ambulance
White Town: Undressed
The Dresden Dolls: Gravity
Nobuo Uematsu: One Winged Angel (Orchestral Version)
Palast Orchester mit seinem Sänger Max Raabe: Kiss


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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Sorry. I'm So Sorry

Thanks to Chris pulling some frankly astonishing, and muchly appreciated, feats of editing in the past few weeks it's only fair that he should get a week of rest sometime. Due to both of us being dog-tired on Sunday and to me being at band practice on Monday we didn't even get round to recording till Tuesday this week. And, since Chris goes to great lengths to bring you the high-quality, modulated, sweary Eleventh Hour Podcast that you all apparently love so much, I'm afraid that this week's episode will not be up till later tonight. It may even be up tomorrow but Chris has promised it will go live before this Saturday's episode, and I trust him to stick to his word. I know you're all good, patient people and will honestly not mind that the episode is a little later than usual (ooh we have been spoiling you) but it's polite of us to let you know. For my part, I promise that it'll be a cracking episode.

In the meantime, why not look at this image sent to us by hopefully future-participant of EH? Seb aka Vislor Merlot? It's intriguing and will be discussed in the episode. LOOK AT THE WATCHES!

If you prefer flippant explanations for lateness, we got stuck in a time vortex and had to live three days in an alternate universe as the same person. Getting to work was a right pain in the arse.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Rampant Speculation about 'Flesh And Stone'

So tonight we may find out some answers about the contractually-obliged-t0-be-called-enigmatic River Song (though Ms. Song will also accept 'mysterious'), that strange crack that's been popping up everywhere and what exactly Scotland's role in all of this is. OK, perhaps not that last one. But here at The Eleventh Hour Podcast, we've been coming up with our own theories about what this all means, and we'd like to share them with you before we're proved horribly wrong.

1. River Song is Romana from another dimensions, who remembers the Doctor but nothing else, and who was imprisoned for not returning to Gallifrey (which still exists in her universe). The Doctor would be annoyed at her jumping between dimensions at not telling him about alternate Gallifrey, which is a fun place filled with candy and bunnies.

2. River Song is a future version of the Doctor, who turns female after receiving a strong burst of Zectronic energy.

3. River Song is the Rani, who survived the Time War due to err, special Rani reasons.

4. River Song is a member of the popular Doctor Who podcast 'The Eleventh Hour Podcast', from the future.

5. River Song is actress Alex Kingston, from an alternate dimension. And the future.

6. River Song is from a future Scotland, trapped in a dimensional plane, with plans to take over the rest of the universe. The cracks are doorways into Future Scotland, which are following Amy around in the hope of gaining her help, and getting to the Doctor.

7. The cracks are the work of a vengeful pan-dimensional plasterer, who was been somewhat out of work since the events of Army of Ghosts/Doomsday.

8. Something about Rory - he's the creator of the angels/the master/the Rani/a member of the Eleventh Hour Podcast.

9. Hey, how come those disgraced Time Lords in 'The End of Time' were called "The Weeping Angels of Old"?

10. Actually, ignore that. That was stupid.

11. SLIGHT SPOILERS: The forest of the Byzantium is actually the forest that the Vashta Nerada are from in the Library two-parter, in another massive Moffat wad blow.

12. Amy was just REALLY unobservant during 'The Stolen Earth'. And has not asked any questions since.

13. That's enough for now.

Enjoy the episode, folks!