Friday, 30 October 2015

PODCAST: The Woman Who Lived

It's all Me, Me, Me with some people and such is the case with The Woman Who Lived, the immortal adventurer, thief and diarist who befriends big cat men with really unimaginative names and has adventures that are slightly strangely directed and scrappily edited.

Breaking it all down this week are Joe and Chris. Well, during the moments when they aren't providing a Black Sabbath guitar masterclass, giving us a potted history of the band Bow Wow Wow, over-confidently mispronouncing "Kumail Nanjiani", or failing to give enough exposure to Joe's excellent "Gillan Machine" pun.

Wrap your immortal ears around THE WOMAN WHO LIVED.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

PODCAST: The Girl Who Died

"A Wing And a Prayer" Productions presents one of the most casual EH? episodes ever, recorded relaxingly late in the week and decadently released even later than that, we get to grips with The Girl Who Died.

Not like that. Oh God, not like that.


Saturday, 17 October 2015

PODCAST: Before the Flood

Hello! As part of our unofficial plan to represent the end of your Doctor Who podcast week, and thus almost certain to never discuss any point you've not heard run into the ground already, here we are to talk about Before the Flood, the cold war-era, poorly-defined villain extravaganza.

On the podcast this week you'll hear Nicky arrive with some milk, a familiar voice for fans of the Dharmalars and The Lost Initiative, a mention of QI's vinyl podcast and a rare plug for Chris's other ongoing podcast The Last Word: A Press Gang Introcast with Chris & Alirio (sorry).

Heck, instead of reading a list of what is and isn't in the podcast, find out the hard way by listening to BEFORE THE FLOOD

Saturday, 10 October 2015

PODCAST: Under the Lake

Reliably late in the week and painfully early in the morning, it's the Eleventh Hour Podcast!

Let's take Toby Whithouse by the hand and go on a charming adventure under the sea, where hollow-eyed ghosts throw knives at you and there's a terrifying submerged village outside.

Honesty time - I'm far too tired to write anything more than this. Listen to UNDER THE LAKE, willya?

Scree from

Friday, 2 October 2015

PODCAST: The Witch's Familiar

Hello! We're back! BOTH OF US! You have been warned.

Joe and Chris get all face-to-face to discuss Dalek sewers, Missy's dancing, Witch identities, eyes, sunglasses and Chris Langham. Enough of this write up, get stuck into THE WITCH'S FAMILIAR.

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