Friday, 12 October 2012

PODCAST: Patrick Troughton in The Mind Robber

Oh, yes. Recorded in 2010 and now lovingly released in 2012 it's the podcasting equivalent of the Brian Wilson album, Smile! Indeed, it is time to venture into The Mind Robber, Peter Ling's odd psychedelic 5-part tale that was beset by behind the scenes problems and managed to turn them into positives, even the unplanned temporary absence of one of the series' lead actors.

Join Joe and Chris as they finally talk about this classic, play some guitar, laugh at themselves and provide a somewhat belated preview of the then-forthcoming 2010 Christmas special and series 6 of Doctor Who. Oh what days they were. Days when we had never even heard of The Curse of the Black Spot. We shall never see their like again.


Image courtesy of the Doctor Who Image Archive
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Friday, 5 October 2012

PODCAST: The Angels Take Manhattan

It's time to bid what the Doctor Who production office would like us to call "A Pond Farewell" to Amy and Rory and their baggage. Did we cry? Are we glad to see the back of them? Are we to see this, and the taking of her husband's surname as the final step towards Amy accepting adulthood/the patriarchy? There's a strong possibility that we just don't know HOW to feel about it.

Join Joe and Chris as they confuse listeners of the Pharos Project podcast, devise the ideal sequel to this story (which would surely feature another return for Henry VIII), talk over some voicermails, potentially confuse a listener's daughter, discuss alternative alternate casting for Doctor Who's Christmas special and compare their cups.


Image courtesy of the terrifyingly angelic SONIC BIRO.