Saturday, 22 April 2017

PODCAST: The Pilot

Doctor Who is back with, at least for now, a near-continuity-free clean sweep. This won't last, but it's provided another new jumping-on episode for new or lapsed fans as well as largely being pretty popular with the people who were already/still here.

Also back are Joe and Chris, once again in a fashionably late episode in which they certainly talk about Doctor Who, drink fizzy drinks, share a nice kiss and controversially come out AGAINST bigots. Way to finally nail those colours to the mast, lads.

Join these two on their continuing adventures through a cavalcade of cartoonish, maniacal dictators and fascist automatons. They also sometimes watch Doctor Who.

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Friday, 14 April 2017

PodCLASS Finale: The Lost

It's the final bit of deck clearing here at EHPodcast as we make room in our schedule for the new series of Doctor Who.

However, this has come at the right time as Class is finally scheduled to appear on BBC America and, reviewing this episode has made us realise how much we enjoyed the series in the long run.

Have fun, and if you're watching along with the BBCA broadcasts, remember to come back and find us.

Listen to THE LOST

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

PODCAST: The Return of Doctor Mysterio

Yes! It's Christmas in April. Normally these updates are written in the third person, or as "we" but on this occasion, it's definitely Chris here apologizing to you for the tardiness of this podcast (not to mention the TARDISness). Recorded in January, it's finally limped out when my hand was forced by an upcoming new series of Doctor Who. Not to mention that the Class finale podcast is also planned to arrive prior to then.

I don't have good excuses so I won't offer them. The podcasts absolutely won't suffer from this problem all the time the series is on and I, and indeed we, hope you'll enjoy this late festive offering.

I chose not to go with a Christmas-themed playlist, though, as I figured that'd be taking the piss.