Tuesday, 24 May 2011

PODCAST: The Rebel Flesh

STOP THE PRESSES! Wow, an early episode! The Eleventh Hour Podcast may have to change its name, having slid in an episode in only the fifth or sixth hour.

The forces of technology smiled upon us this week, and yet a mild disagreement still broke out. The Rebel Flesh was an enjoyable slice of classic sci-fi, reminiscent of much older Doctor Who but how good was it, exactly? Quite? Somewhat? Rather? Also how much muff can one fit into a cliffhanger? Clearly something is going on in this episode, but we come to the rescue by using our classic defence of shrugging and disbelieving all current fan theories.

In other news Chris is all banjaxed up on the aftermath of dental surgery and Joe botches up a philosophy discussion like Botchicelli, the famously clumsy painter. Plus the mother-disrespecting events of EH? 2011 take a shocking turn. It's the most fun you can have without vomiting up a lump of meringue in a dirty monastery sink.

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Thursday, 19 May 2011

PODCAST: The Doctor's Wife

Was it a brilliant episode that lived up to its lofty expectations to move, amuse and scare in equal measure? Or was it a mawkish slapdash update of a beloved piece of Doctor Who mytho... I'm sorry, I can't keep this up, it was a truly amazing episode.

OR WAS IT? Prepare yourselves, listeners for a disagreement in opinion so minor it makes last year's Silurian Smackdown look like the Thrilla in Manila. A disagreement so minor that it caused the very forces of technology to again turn against us, leading either to a hasty coda being recorded live and 2 Hot 4 TV at Chris's house or an impromptu instance of teleportation, whichever you prefer.

So join us for this Frankenstein's monster of a podcast, also the first of series 6 to not feature a mass of unaswerable question, whether good or bad.

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New Logo!

Last year, a fellow podcaster requested we change logo because our respective ones were too similar. They were similar as we'd both stolen the idea from the same place, although in fairness they had stolen it first. Our solution was to change the colour and throw loads of effects at it. Since that time, though, more and more podcasts are using the "insignia" design and so we've been meaning for ages to do a new one, and this is it. Hope it's not too jarring after getting used to the other one.

Also, the EHP/EH? logo will appear on all future iPod artwork. That's right - we've gone brand-aware, bitches.

It will probably affect very little, if anything, on the blog design as we aren't in a hurry to change the header (cos it took bloody ages) or anything like that, just expect to see it on some of our comments on other people's blogs, on our Twitter and on the iTunes Music Store (when it catches up).

Friday, 13 May 2011

PODCAST: The Curse of the Black Spot

Or "The Curse of the Bad Plot" as one of our listeners put it. Was it a terrible mess with explanations that made no sense or was it a clever piece of television that we will come to appreciate when it is deconstructed in a future episode?

Clue - it's not the second one

Secondary clue - it was rubbish.

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Friday, 6 May 2011

PODCAST: Day of the Moon

Who was she, then? Do we have any clue? Of course we don't! Come and hear us flounder about like a pair of idiots in the face of the WTFiest cliffhanger this side of a mysterious island.

Hear about the Pork Horse and Yank4Cash and maybe some stuff about Doctor Who as well. We aren't really selling it in these notes, but barely anyone reads this stuff anyway!

Listen to DAY OF THE MOON!
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