Thursday, 25 August 2011

TORCHWOOD PODCAST: Miracle Day - The Middle Men

Well, fancy that, an episode of Miracle Day in which nothing much really happens. I once read a disparaging summary of Becket's 'Waiting For Godot' which read "Nothing Happens. Twice". Well, on Miracle Day nothing has now happened close to 6 times. Of course, The Eleventh Hour Podcast do not respond with such wit but instead with a characteristically lengthy discussion about pretzel nuggets.

Still, at least Ernie Hudson has finally shown up and his scene was pretty excellent, even if it could have been summarised as "what's going on with this miracle, then?" "I don't know." Except now we're to call it 'The Blessing', in accordance with the Rusty law of Mysterious Words Being Dropped Into Every Episode. We also suggest that maybe the Torchwood team should have perhaps tried searching for 'The Truth' 5 episodes ago.


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Thursday, 18 August 2011

TORCHWOOD PODCAST: Miracle Day - The Categories of Life

Hey, it's Joe here, returning with some more words all up in your FACE.

So, Miracle Day trundles on in the way that only Torchwood can: wildly inconsistent and with much padding. This episode of The Eleventh Hour Podcast also proceeds in what has now become an established fashion, in that we state we broadly enjoyed it and then spend half an hour pointing out its many flaws. Maybe more should have happened now we're halfway through, but the plot is definitely going to go somewhere now, right? Right?

Anyway, join us for discussion about why Oswald Danes' speech was probably written by a computer, the possible existence of pussy carts and a truly shocking revelation about clothes pegs.

WARNING: Listeners likely to be troubled by such things should note that there is a discussion about the mechanics of cremation between 14.10 and 16.45. Obviously, do feel free to skip this section.


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Thursday, 11 August 2011

TORCHWOOD PODCAST: Miracle Day - Escape to L.A.

Hello, y'all. Miracle Day powers on by having nothing really happen again, except for some people doing some stupid things and then getting upset about them. Still, never mind. Against all odds we remain hopeful that it's still going somewhere.

In this episode Joe records using his computer's internal mic and sounds great, Chris records in the same way as usual and his recording is all full of plosive pops, sorry about that.

Come and find out why we would say things like "woo!", "we detected unusual activity with your account" and "precious antique cans" and why Chris might say potentially insensitive things about the L.A. riots of 1992.

Listen to ESCAPE TO L.A.

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

TORCHWOOD PODCAST: Miracle Day - Rendition & Dead of Night

We're back. After an almost disastrously will-sapping episode 2 of Miracle Day, Jane Espenson has arrived and added enough genuine writing talent into proceedings to make us actually record an episode.

Join Joe and Chris as they turn slowly into robots, laugh at John Barrowman impressions and proclaim their love for each other before your very ears.


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