Sunday, 24 October 2010

PODCAST: We're Still Alive!

Howdy all, welcome back to The Eleventh Hour Podcast. Before we get cracking, we'd like to call your attention to this wonderful bit of EH Podcast art sent to us by listener Sam K-G. Fashioned in glass and having survived a perilous journey across the Atlantic and then on some buses from a Parcelforce office in Acton and replete with "Series 5 crack" motif it's the perfect accompaniment to a set of cute Time Squad toys as seen above. (Some of these for Eleven and his pals, please!)

It's bit of a ramblecast this one as we talk about what we've been doing, how the gravity bubble planes from Victory of the Daleks have been explained within canon, the upcoming Sarah Jane Adventures story "Death of the Doctor" as well as touching on the Christmas special and Series 6 (and 7?)

Chris experimented with a different way of recording himself this time with some success but occasional distortion.

Spotify playlist


Chris JC said...


Peter Thomas: Raumpatrouille (Space-Patrol)
Mike Oldfield: The Time Has Come
Pulp: Space
Yasunori Mitsuda (arranged): Outskirts of Time
Queen: Dead on Time
The All Seeing I (feat Phil Oakey): 1st Man in Space
Blur: Out of Time
The Buggles: Astroboy (and the Proles on Parade)
Depeche Mode: A Question of Time
Edwin Starr: In the Nick of Time
Dooley Wilson: As Time Goes By
Family: In My Own Time
Stump: Doctor (a Visit to the)
Peter Howell: Space for Man and the Case of the Ancient Astronauts
Huey Lewis and the News: Back in Time
Jim Croce: Time in a Bottle
Barry Gray: Theme from Space 1999
John C. Reilly: Who Wants to Party
Jellybean Feat. Elisa Fiorillo: Who Found Who
Dean Martin: Who's Got the Action
Joy Division: Twenty four hours
Noisettes: 24 Hours
New Musik: 24 Hours from Culture (Part 1)
Brian Eno: Golden Hours
Eric Winstone and his Orchestra: Doctor Who

Chris JC said...

At least one of those has featured before, and I strongly suspect a couple more have, too.

PalmerEldritch said...

huzzah! very excited to have you boys in my ears. thanks!

KevinCV said...

Another great podcast, fellas! Glad to see you guys have done another one! I look forward to hearing what you 2 have to say on "Death of the Doctor". I totally enjoyed it, honestly. I especially liked that there wasn't much difference between how Steven Moffat wrote the Matt Smith's Doctor, and how RTD wrote him.

I'm also glad that RTD wisely decided not to have the Doctor tell Jo he's the only Time Lord left. My feeling is that Doctor has started moving on from that, and decided not to burden Jo with this knowledge, as she's still got a happy life to live. Keep up the brilliant work!

Chris JC said...

Experiment time - let me know what you think about:


Pros: more universal than Spotify, much wider selection

Cons: some low quality audio, volume jumps.

Also, have still been unable to include all things from the playlist, YouTube being bereft of the tracks from

Edwin Starr
Peter Howell (that bloody used to be there)
John C. Reilly

Also, have had to substitute New Musik's "24 Hours From Culture Part I" with "24 Hours From Culture Part II".

dustdaughter said...

Does it take as much effort to create a YouTube Playlist compared to Spotify? I appreciate your wanting to be universal but don't want to request something that may be taxing. I'm hoping some company like Apple or Google will buy Spotify soon so that we might get it in the States. It sounds like a great piece of software. Until then, I think the playlists that you post on this blog are very helpful.

Chris JC said...

It takes a different sort of effort rather than more or less. We haven't really compared them.

Also, for a while we started doing playlists for iTunes as well but seem to have fallen off that one a bit. we'll settle on something, I'm sure.