Wednesday, 13 April 2011

PODCAST: Series 6, Episode 0


No music. No editing.

You may recall that last year, we did an Episode Zero in which we relaxed our usual spoiler policy slightly, and just talked about what we know about the upcoming series of Doctor Who unencumbered by our usual musical score or our pace-setting editing trickery.

Well, this year we're doing it again, as well as also talking about Space and Time, this year's excellent Comic Relief sketches as well as the Richard Nixon-tastic Prequel to the series. If you are spoiler wary, the biggest spoiler we address (and one which we do not, and have not tried to, know the answer to) is the one splashed all over the front of this month's Doctor Who Magazine so we doubt you would learn too much to your disadvantage.

Technical note - produced on a new computer with some different software, file may be less loud than usual. We will address this in future.

Anyway - enough of this guff. Get stuck in:

Listen to EPISODE ZERO.2

(Image from BBC Pictures, by way of Blogtor Who).


KevinCV said...

Interesting episode, guys! I'm really looking forward to the Series 6 premiere. I may either watch it when it airs on BBC America, or just download it after it airs in the UK. Since it airs in both countries on the same day, I'm still a bit undecided. Maybe I'll do both, and persuade my mom to watch it with me, because she's still not entirely keen on Eleven.

I will say this, though: The Silence look really fucking scary to me. I shudder to think what the Moff has planned for us this year. I also look forward to seeing Mark Sheppard, cos he's brilliant. Anyway, back to work on my little non-"Doctor Who" related video project. I wanna get this done before the 23rd. Looking forward to the next podcast! Trought on! XD

PalmerEldritch said...

so, which Pertwee are you thinking? just watched The Three Doctors, Carnival of Monsters, and maybe the Spearhead from Space (although i can barely remember it).

would also like to hear your opinions on the 7th doctor sometime too.

Horatio Outside said...

Palmer - I think we decided on 'The Time Warrior', although it's looking rather unlikely that we'll get it out before the series starts.

As for the 7th Doctor we'll get round to him in that classic Eleventh Hour Podcast time - 'eventually'.