Thursday, 25 August 2011

TORCHWOOD PODCAST: Miracle Day - The Middle Men

Well, fancy that, an episode of Miracle Day in which nothing much really happens. I once read a disparaging summary of Becket's 'Waiting For Godot' which read "Nothing Happens. Twice". Well, on Miracle Day nothing has now happened close to 6 times. Of course, The Eleventh Hour Podcast do not respond with such wit but instead with a characteristically lengthy discussion about pretzel nuggets.

Still, at least Ernie Hudson has finally shown up and his scene was pretty excellent, even if it could have been summarised as "what's going on with this miracle, then?" "I don't know." Except now we're to call it 'The Blessing', in accordance with the Rusty law of Mysterious Words Being Dropped Into Every Episode. We also suggest that maybe the Torchwood team should have perhaps tried searching for 'The Truth' 5 episodes ago.


(Also, listen to the available playlist on Spotify)

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Chris JC said...


Stars on 45: Stars on 45
Future Sound of London: We Have Explosive
Donna Lewis: Nothing Ever Changes
David Bowie: Jump They Say
Robbie Williams: Life Thru a Lens
Elmer Bernstein: The Truth
Lightning Seeds: Love Explosion
Van Halen: Jump
Del Amitri: Nothing Ever Happens