Friday, 2 September 2011

PODCAST: Let's Kill Hitler

Blimey. It's safe to say some of you didn't like that. Possibly so much that you caused Chris's internet to fail, we haven't been able to prove it it either way yet. So yes, old-time technical issues has caused a 'Doctor's Wife'-style emergency live recording conducted, for the first time ever, in Joe's new flat. Exciting!

There's really too much to say about the episode itself (and that was indeed one of the problems with the episode) to bother summarizing here, except to say we thought it hovered around the nebulous 'not great' to 'OK' quality range. Hopefully, the episode itself will summarise our views, and the issues many viewers had with the episode much better.

Haha, yeah, that'll happen...


(also, note that we recently released our podcast for Torchwood: Miracle Day's seventh episode "Immortal Sins", which you may have missed. Track it down, yo.)

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