Friday, 21 September 2012

PODCAST: A Town Called Mercy

Welcome to a town called Mercy and a podcast called EH?

It's one of Joe and Chris's rare disagreements about the overall excellence of an episode which, you would imagine, would lead us to make jokes about "the quality of Mercy" but sadly we've only just thought of that right now. Can't have them all.

Join us as we talk over some great records and generally disagree the hell with each other. This episode features less singing, guitar playing and talk of future cult classic Modified than last week's and is probably all the better for it.


Image from the ever-merciful SONIC BIRO



Chris JC said...


Sparks: This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Both of Us
The Third Degree: Mercy
Rihanna: Electricity
Underworld: I Need a Doctor
White Town: Rhinestone Cowboy
New Musik: Kingdoms for Horses
Leonard Cohen: Sisters of Mercy
Roger Limb: Termination of the Doctor
Larrikin Love: A Horse With No Name
Eddy Grant: Electric Avenue
The Thrills: One Horse Town
The Blue Nile: The Downtown Lights
P.P. Arnold: Electric Dreams
Mike Oldfield: On Horseback
Johnny Cash: A Boy Named Sue
Elton John: One Horse Town
Bon Jovi: Wanted Dead or Alive
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark: Electricity
Jon & Vangelis: Curious Electric
John Barry: Theme from Midnight Cowboy
The Jam: A Town Called Malice
Freelance Hairdresser: Marshall's Been Done to Death

(the last track is a complete experiment in the music selection being based solely on track title, as discussed on the episode).

Carey said...

I'm really late to getting round to listening to the podcast, and still haven't finished but I really liked A Town Called Mercy. It set out to undermine the usual Western myths while seemingly reinforcing them. Therefore the baddy in black doesn't want to kill (something explainable, by the way, by Jek informing us that he malfunctioned due to battle damage and that's why he didn't shut down with the rest of the killing machines), to the town stepping up to help out the lone stranger, as opposed to the usual cowering behind closed doors.

But what I really wanted to comment on was Johnny Depp's accent in From Hell. The best way to listen to it is to relaise that his vocal coach is Danny the Dealer from Withnail and I, and treat the film as a comedy:

"He is called Jack the Ripper because his name is Jack, and he rips up people."

In the meantime, keep up the good work.

Chris JC said...

"This Ripper is very dangerous, he has nutter qualities". Nah, yours is better.