Saturday, 18 May 2013

EMERGENCY PODCAST: Nightmare in Silver

We were going to refer to this as "the most late episode of The Eleventh Hour Podcast ever", being that it's being released on the same day as the NEXT episode of Doctor Who but that's pure nonsense when one investigates the relaxed release schedule for the A Good Man Goes to War episode, the Torchwood double final and any given Christmas Special, and that's before you even consider the famously relaxed The Mind Robber episode.

Also, technically we still haven't released a proper episode for The Lodger, but that's because to this day only half of it exists due to some technical problems (Chris deleted his voice recording by mistake).

And speaking of those technical difficulties, we had similar ones this week which led us to abandon over 40 minutes of dynamite, top-quality material that you will never hear (featuring the brand new pseudonyms, Antoine McSkank and Ian Blast).

But, because we're us, we couldn't leave it without giving you chaps something and so here is our EMERGENCY PODCAST. Recorded on a phone in the middle of Best Friend of the Podcast Seb's 1970s party and without any post-production or music (but with an uninterrupted voicermail from Donald Pleasence*), it's the very definition of "the least we could do".

Also, we are far drunker than ever before on the podcast and frankly are still too drunk to be able to tell if this is noticeable or not. You fine, sober people be the judges.


*not actually Donald Pleasence.


Image, as has become customary, courtesy of Grande-Caps.

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