Friday, 8 August 2014

PODCAST: Episode Zero - Series 8


That's right: the Doctor Who podcast with the out-of-date name is back! The podcast that nearly had all the love for Doctor Who bashed out of it during the previous two-year-long 13 part series is not dead yet!

You probably know the score about episode zeroes by now: no music, minimal editing and - and this is the big difference - a more lax attitude to information relating to later episodes (only officially released information is covered, however). An interesting balancing act when, for the first time, one of us knows basically nothing and the other knows far too much thanks to Marcelo Camargo. If we're being honest, this was mainly an excuse to get us up and running again, and we hope few of you will begrudge us this opportunity.

So, once again join Joe and Chris as they find out whether tears are enough (they are not), if Heath Slater could possibly beat Seth Rollins (he can), whether you should go tell your dad (the horny dude) and finally which one of us is a bona-fide bastard (it's Joe).


Listen to EPISODE ZERO.4

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