Friday, 3 October 2014

PODCAST: The Caretaker

The most controversial series of Eleventh Hour Podcast continues! Though, thankfully, in this case it doesn't mean increased sexual content, racism, or blasphemy, just that we once again politely disagree about the episode's quality. One of us liked it, one of us didn't. Which was which? You'll just have to find out!

In this podcast you will also hear:
  • Joe's most complicated joke setup ever
  • TWO Final Fantasy musical references
  • A discussion as to the relative ease of spontaneous lying
  • More about the stilted direction of Mike Oldfield's "Pictures in the Dark" video
  • Continuing evidence of Donald's attempt to take over the podcast
  • And maybe even some discussion of the episode

Who's been reeling from the balls? Who can do the needful? Just how many individual lines establish that Danny is a soldier and the Doctor doesn't like soldiers? All these questions and more will be answered by the podcast we hope is good enough for you...

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And, finally, listen to THE CARETAKER

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Chris JC said...


Bobby Vee: Take Good Care of My Baby
Everything Everything: Schoolin'
Karma Police: Easy Star All Stars feat. Citizen Cope
Queen: The Invisible Man
David Axelrod: The School Boy
The Decemberists: The Soldiering Life
Tasmin Archer: Take Care
The Three Degrees: Take Good Care of
Dodgy: Good Enough
Jon & Vangelis: Back to School
Tori Amos: Police Me
Helmet: Like I Care
Alice Cooper: School's Out
Audio Bullys: We Don't Care
ABBA: When I Kissed the Teacher
Philip Gayle: Judy in the School for Jiving
Oneida: Each One Teach One
Leonard Cohen: Teachers
Nirvana: School
Bad Sneakers: Invisible Man
Bad Sneakers: Invisible Man II
Deftones: Back to School
Obituary: Don't Care
The Fire: Father's Name is Dad
Shakespear's Sister: I Don't Care
Boards of Canada: Music is Math
Mr. Bungle: Everyone I Went to High School With is Dead
Daft Punk: Teachers
April Stevens: Teach Me Tiger
Faith No More: We Care a Lot
Angelo Badalamenti: High School Swing