Friday, 7 November 2014

PODCAST: Dark Water

Ooh, that sneaky dark water. Hiding the truth until just the perfect moment, to wring maximum dramatic tension out of a scenario. According to the BBC, the perfect moment in question is in a trailer shoved on to the end of the previous week's episode, thus rendering both the reveal and - it appears, given the events so far - the entire time Steven Moffat spent coming up with the dark water concept entirely pointless.

Still, despite that, much to enjoy. Some great Jenna action, a shock departure (for now), the spirit of Malcolm Tucker, more of the current, unappealing design of a classic villain and THAT.

If you've seen the episode, you'll know what THAT is and how you feel about it. Well, it's done now. No going back.

Join Joe and Chris as they kick the table the recorder is on, talk over Donald, reveal their thoughts on THAT and nail their PC-brigade colours to the mast.

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Chris JC said...


Metallica: Master of Puppets
Mike Oldfield: Spheres (Single Version)
This Heat: A New Kind of Water
Tori Amos: Dark Side of the Sun
Josh Hill: Catching Cold
McLusky: To Hell With Good Intentions
Syd Dale: The Hell Raisers
A Sunny Day in Glasgow: Watery (Drowning Is Just Another Word For Being Buried Alive Under Water)
Harold Faltermeyer: Memories
Deep Purple: Smoke on the Water
Broken Social Scene: Water in Hell
Spinal Tap: Hell Hole
Menomena: Rotten Hell
Nine Inch Nails: Meet Your Master
Jim Steinman: Left in the Dark
Marilyn Manson & Sneaker Pimps: Long Hard Road Out of Hell
Grouper: Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping
Ennio Morricone: Dark Revelation
Elton John: Crazy Water
Kylie Minogue: 2 Hearts
The War on Drugs: Black Water Falls
Stump: Bone
Yo La Tengo: When It's Dark
The Mood: Passion in Dark Rooms
Trans Am: The Dark Gift
Mahito Yokota: Lava Road
Kim Wilde: Water on Glass
Radiohead: Bones
C.C.S.: Tap Turns on the Water
Damon Albarn: The White Skeleton Demon
Megadeth: Go to Hell
Tasmin Archer: After Hell

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