Monday, 2 February 2015

PODCAST: Last Christmas

Merry February, kids! Believe it or not, this is the second most punctual EHPodcast Christmas special ever, which is probably nothing to be proud of.

Last Christmas was a strange one. A tangerine dream of Santa, headcrabs, loss of self and loved ones and not getting rid of a companion again.

In a bizarre break with tradition, we don't have much to say here in the info, so go ahead and join Joe, Chris and, briefly, Nicky as we pull apart LAST CHRISTMAS.

For the screencap, we are once again indebted to KISSTHEMGOODBYE.NET


Alphs said...

Hey guys, I'm a listenter from Brazil, been listening to your first podcasts on Matt Smith's 1st season, as a companion piece to a rewatch I've been doing. But, as of now, I can't listen or download any of the podcasts on the site anymore! I listened all the way through "Cold Blood", but now I can't access any of it! Please help me! CRACKWATCH! (yea, I figure I'm kinda half-decade late on the joke)

Chris JC said...

Ooh, that's not good. Let me investigate it because that shouldn't happen.

I just clicked LAST CHRISTMAS here as a test and got a 503 Forbidden error, was it the same for you?

Chris JC said...

All I can imagine is out host is playing up. I republished the latest episode which, curiously, is what got the whole archive working before, but nothing yet. Hopefully it'll start behaving again soon. Thanks for letting us know, Alphs!

Chris JC said...

Should be working again now, Alphs. Let us know if you have further problems!