Saturday, 10 October 2015

PODCAST: Under the Lake

Reliably late in the week and painfully early in the morning, it's the Eleventh Hour Podcast!

Let's take Toby Whithouse by the hand and go on a charming adventure under the sea, where hollow-eyed ghosts throw knives at you and there's a terrifying submerged village outside.

Honesty time - I'm far too tired to write anything more than this. Listen to UNDER THE LAKE, willya?

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Chris JC said...


The Sisters of Mercy: Temple of Love (1992 Version)
Japan: Ghosts
Mike Oldfield: The Lake
Ballet School: All Things Return at Night
Roger Limb: Ghost in the Water
Zoë - Holy Days
George Benson: Give Me the Night
Wendy Carlos: Water, Music and TRONaction
Mari Wilson: One Day is a Lifetime
Steve Lawrence: Night and Day
Joy Division: These Days
Electric Six: I Invented the Night
The Jones Girls: Children of the Night
Sad Café: Every Day Hurts
Joe Farrell: Night Dancing
They Might Be GiantsL O, Do Not Forsake Me
Queen: The Night Comes Down
Lightning Seeds: Ghosts
Seb Grey: Night Vision
Amy Holland: Turn Out the Night