Friday, 27 November 2015

PODCAST: Face the Raven

So she's finally gone, face-down in the street.

Clara, then, eh? Certainly the most ambitious, far-reaching set of character arcs ever crammed into one perfectly fine but somewhat nondescript figure. In Doctor Who. Apart from The Doctor. An impossible girl, created by leaf and destroyed by bird and scattered throughout time and space and also she kissed Jane Austen, you know.

Joe and Chris get decidedly unemotional as they cover this well-received, somewhat overwrought bit of telly and produce probably the only Doctor Who podcast this week to throw in an entirely relevant reference to The Rage: Carrie 2

We record at Joe's this week so naturally every idling car outside sound like a passing Star Destroyer but on the plus side, neither of us play any instruments and there's a shocking moment where one of us has a thought that's best not spoken aloud and we DON'T THEN GO ON TO SPEAK IT ALOUD. An astonishing development, I'm sure you'll agree.





Bat Masterson said...

There's absolutely no way you could have known that I used that Andrew W.K. song in my recent "Not-So-Secret Moby Dick Project" playlist, so I'm taking this as a sign that the the universe is indeed in favor of our endeavors (add u's as needed). Cheers guys.

Chris JC said...

Great minds, great shoes.

Chris JC said...

Speaking of which...

Shut Up & Dance: I'm Raving I'm Raving (excerpt)
Ralph McTell: Streets of London (excerpt)
Andrew W.K.: Ready to Die
Herbie Hancock: Bring Down the Birds
New Musik: Traps
Nine Inch Nails: Dead Souls
Snowy White: Bird of Paradise
Madness: We Are London
Mike Oldfield: Tattoo
The Icicle Works: Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)
Fire: Flies Like a Bird
Sam Butera: Street Scene
Jimmy Scott: Street of Dreams
Earth, Wind & Fire: On Your Face
The Lover Speaks: Face Me and Smile
Pulp: Birds in Your Garden
Joe Dolce: Shaddap You Face
Concrete Blonde: Walking in London
David Axelrod: London
Leonard Cohen: Bird On a Wire
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Free Bird
Europe: The Final Countdown
808 State: In Yer Face
Soft Cell: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye