Saturday, 6 May 2017

PODCAST: Smile & Thin Ice (MEGACAST)

Blimey, kids, it's been a right couple of weeks at the offices of the Eleventh Hour Podcast with an unplanned flat move putting a spanner in the works of getting last week's episode done.

But, brave adventurers that we are, we got ourselves together over a couple of days and decided to record what we expected to be a quick, feedback-focussed double episode. Instead, we seem to have churned out a 2.5 hour epic. Sorry about that.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that our free podcast host requires a specific cap on file size, it does mean that this episode has needed to be encoded at a lower bitrate than usual, leading to our worst-sounding episode since the similarly lengthy group therapy session that was VINCENT AND THE DOCTOR nearly seven years ago. We even had some last minute feedback from listener Kirsten who gets her own little section at the end of the show.

Despite all the tribulations, it's nice to be back up to date and we hope you enjoy, even if the audio is a bit chunkier than usual.

No silly list of things we may have discussed, just a request that you listen to THIN SMILE.

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