Monday, 30 July 2018

PODCAST: Twice Upon a Time (Christmas in July)

It's the traditional, heavily delayed EHPodcast Christmas Special!

In addition to this, it also continues the current tradition of our podcasts starting with an impromptu apology from Chris regarding the appalling lateness of the episode.

Anyway, enough of that. Remember Christmas 2017? Remember how the Doctor went through a low-stakes adventure where every revelation was deeply obvious if you applied any level of thought to it? Remember when Jodie showed up cosplaying as the front cover of the first Tasmin Archer album?

Good times one and all. Enjoy them again and again with this commemorative unseasonal mess from Joe and Chris as they discuss TWICE UPON A TIME.


Daniel Leonard said...

Great to see you guys back!

Sorry to be thick, but is it possible to listen to this without signing up for a "talkshoe" account?

Anonymous said...

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