Monday, 1 March 2010

Alright, what have you got for me this time?

Hello, future fans (at the moment we don't have any officially but that's because we've not really started this thing up - I know you'll all just flock in once we do).

'The Eleventh Hour Podcast', my future-sense detects that you may well say, 'that sounds fabulous! What, pray is this thing of assured wonderment?'

Well, hypothetical future person, I shall explain. Myself and Mr. JC are two pretty big Doctor Who fans living in London, and we thought it'd be just swell to do a podcast about the upcoming series. New series, new podcast. It all seemed to fit together. The idea might just have initially sprung from m'colleague listening to 'Release The Beast' by Breakwater, but we will probably get round to that in due course.

In the meantime, because April 3rd feels so very far away I will no doubt contribute some of my many, if possibly dull and/or controversial, feelings about the world's longest running sci-fi series on this very blog. Or I may wait a bit. It will depend largely on how deeply I feel the need to rank the different versions of the theme music or talk about how great Ghost Light is.

All of time and space, every week. Hope you'll be along for the ride.



S said...

Ding dang FUCKING doo

Chris JC said...

I am, frankly, a big fan of anything.