Tuesday, 30 March 2010

PODCAST: Episode 0 - a.k.a. The Zero Room

Finally, it's Episode 0 of EH? in which Joe and Chris go a bit spaffy and spoilery about the upcoming series. We will not be a spoiler podcast in future episodes, so if you're "spoiler-free", you may have to give this one a miss and we'll catch up with you on Episode 1 Proper.

The rest of you, pop it on, lay back and relax. Preferably in a room cut off from the influences of the rest of the universe.



Horatio Outside said...

Soon after we'd recorded it, and when I was listening back, I remembered a few other things that I could have mentioned. But if I'd said every single fact I'd come across I'd basically have just been reading a long list, and that'd have been no fun at all.

Very much enjoyed the surprising use of voice effects.

PalmerEldritch said...

really enjoyed the podcast.

it was like talking Dr Who with friends. except that the friends are way more british than you remember and you can neither talk nor interact with your friends in any way other than to pause, rewind, or fast forward their conversation. huh.

anyhow, great job. had a real fun time listening and am looking forward to more. also, you have my permission to go past 45 minutes.

Kevin said...

As an American Doctor Who fan, I greatly enjoyed this podcast. I honestly found it completely by accident while I was I was trying to find a decent Doctor Who wallpaper to deck out my desktop with in prep for this weekend.

Also, I'm too damn impatient to wait another 2 weeks for it to air here in the US, so I'll be following Series 5 via torrents. I'll also follow this, too. It'll give me something to keep me going through Series 5 other than Doctor Who Confidential, which I also download. Also, keep up the use of voice effects! They made me laugh.

Oh, by the way, like Joe, I highly look forward to "Victory of the Daleks". I really enjoy Mark Gatiss' previous episodes, as well as the Daleks. I even consider "The Lazarus Experiment" a Mark Gatiss episode even though he acted in it instead of writing it. Anyway, keep up the brilliant work! I don't mind the swearing or if you exceed 45 minutes.

Chris JC said...

Kirk, thanks for that. Remember that you CAN talk to us - send an email or voicemail to eleventhhourpodcast@gmail.com - heck, if I'm feeling really saucy I may even try to edit it into sounding like a conversation.

Kevin - this feedback is excellent and hugely encouraging. i think we genuinely thought we'd only be doing this for about seven friends so it's amazing that you've found us so soon. We will absolutely continue the voice effects (we weren't actually going to bother with them in Episode 0, which is why they get mentioned as a thing we'll do in the proper episodes, but in the end we couldn't resist it. EXCELLENT!)

I tend to lump Lazarus in with the other Gatiss eps too, and think the Quatermass inspired cathedral conversation a big part of that identity.

So far nobody's mentioned my Jon Pertwee impression. I now think that I should have started it with the phrase "Now look here, my good fellow..."