Monday, 24 January 2011

PODCAST: A Christmas Carol

Less than one entire month after the showing of "A Christmas Carol", and about two weeks since they recorded the episode, Joe and Chris are here to tell you what they thought, as well as their thoughts on some of the other Christmas specials and many other things not even close to being on topic. You will learn what Any and Rory have in common with Cassandra and Rodney from Only Fools and Horses and which Star Trek star appears in Joe's sexy, sexy dreams.

Is it Marina Sirtis? Let's find out together:

Spotify playlist

Stay tuned at the end for a voicemail from Didi, an email from Ros and the trailer for popular voicemail contributors Jennie and James's own podcast My God! It's the Baggage Man!

Image from Sonic Biro.

PLUG: Have a look at the excellent Doctor Who - The Science Review


Bat Masterson said...


KevinCV said...

Awesome ep, guys! No, that wasn't me to sent the e-mail about seeing Ace's knickers. I don't think I was of the age to see any woman's knickers at that time. I was probably still in diapers at that time.

I was shocked by the green-eyed Ood, too. Makes me wonder what's going on with that. I'm so looking forward to Series 6. It's really got me excited. I also look forward to the next series of Torchwood. I'm hoping it'll be good. Looking forward to the next podcast. Trought on! XD

Chris JC said...

We just wanted to make it clear to listeners that it was a different Kevin, Kevin :)

Chris JC said...

Oh, and:


Murray Gold & the BBC National Orchesta of Wales: Fish Custard
Peter Howell & Dick Mills: Fancy Fish ("Aquarium")
Yo La Tengo: Season of the Shark
Queen: Father to Son
Blur: Sing
Brian Eno: Sky Saw
Liars: Horseclouds
Cat Stevens: Father & Son
Modesty Blaise: Carol Mountain
Procul Harum: Christmas Camel
Peter Thomas: Sky-Life
The Fall: Weather Report 2
Rick Wright: Black Cloud
Siobhan Donaghy: Goldfish
Throwing Muses: Shark
Eminem: Sing For the Moment
Broadcast: Ominous Cloud
Giorgio Moroder: Son of My Father
Mission of Burma: Weatherbox
Jerry Goldsmith: The Deep Freeze
Fire: I Can See the Sky
Tori Amos: Bouncing off Clouds
Lemon Jelly: Nice Weather for Ducks
Buzz of Delight: Christmas
DramaGods: Sky
The Chemical Brothers: The Salmon Dance
The Primitives: Crash
Pink Floyd: Obscured by Clouds
Mike Oldfield: Far Above the Clouds
Lightning Seeds: Fishes on the Line

KevinCV said...

I understand. I just wanted to help with making that a bit clearer. Although, I did find Ace kinda cute when watching some 7th Doctor stories online the other day. But I wouldn't go so far as to try to look at her knickers! That's way too far!