Friday, 26 April 2013


A terrifying thing happened to us when we were getting ready to record this podcast. A man, dressed all in rags, knocked at the door and then started screaming at us and clawing at thin air. We didn't know how to react, we just stood there transfixed in sheer terror. Suddenly, he stopped. "This is Manor Grove, right"? "No," we replied, "that's a couple of streets away". "My apologies," he said, "they are the people expecting the Insane-Screaming-Vagrant-o-Gram" and left. Thus our sheer terror was actually unnecessary in the face of this explanation. Then we recorded a podcast about Hide, the Doctor Who episode that disguises itself as something else and then deliberately dismantles its terror.

Join Joe and Chris as they talk about Nigel Kneale's brilliant 1972 ghost story The Stone Tape, Breaking Bad, the classic Doctor Who serial Ghost Light, dead bass players and as they manage not to play out on a spooky song, even after claiming that they would (unless, of course, you're terrified by Bugsy Malone, which would be fine).

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Chris JC said...

Japan: Ghosts (excerpt)
Yes: Only of a Lonely Heart
Ray Parker Jr.: Ghostbusters (Instrumental)
Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass: This Guy's in Love With You
Al Stewart: Time Passages
Bat for Lashes: The Haunted Man
Gheorghe Zamfir: The Lonely Shepherd
Peter Murphy: I've Got a Secret Miniature Camera
Olivia Newton-John: Suspended in Time
Goblin: Witch
Extreme: It('s a Monster)
Rush: The Camera Eye
Crowded House: Private Universe
Angelo Badalamenti: Moving Through Time
Tori Amos: Happy Phantom
Nine Inch Nails: Beside You in Time
Andrew Gold: Lonely Boy
The Icicle Works: Love is a Wonderful Colour
Siobhan Donaghy: Ghosts
New Musik: All You Need is Love
Nancy Adams: Love
Paul Williams: You Give a Little Love