Friday, 12 April 2013

PODCAST: The Rings of Akhaten

Take it all, baby! Take ALL of this podcast! Take it right down into your ears.

The Rings of Akhaten, then. It's probably fair to say that this wasn't popular with your general audience, but do we fall into step with this general audience or did we think it was brilliant? Or, did we think it was broadly acceptable but with too many problems to ignore? Or do we largely repeat the anti-climactic Silurian Smackdown 2020 A.D. wherein our opinions are slightly more divergent from each other than usual? Who knows? We do, and so will you once you listen.

And now, our usual change to a third-person viewpoint for the next paragraph...

Join Joe and Chris as they pick songs, drink strawberry beer, big up Caro Skinner, fail to avoid bringing up Margaret Thatcher, differentiate between the two characters called Dennis the Menace (and Chris gets their creation date wrong by one year) and discuss an episode of Doctor Who without lapsing into song all that much.

And, yes, we mention the Hooloovoo.


Image courtesy of Grande-Caps.
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Chris JC said...


Frank Zappa: Doreen
The Specials: Ghost Town (extended)
Blur: Sing
Les Baxter: Pyramid of the Sun
Bombay Bicycle Club: How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep
Underworld: The God Song
Electric Light Orchestra: Don't Walk Away
Pink Floyd: Fat Old Sun
The Boo Radleys: Wake Up Boo
Mike Oldfield: The Song of the Sun
The Kinks: God's Children
Annie Lennox: Love Song for a Vampire
Yasunori Mitsuda: Awakening from the Sleep
Eminem: Sing for the Moment
Andrew W. K.: The Party God
Wham!: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Earl Bostic: Sleep
Ooberman: Too Many Memories
Pulp: Sunrise
Earth Wind & Fire: Sing a Song
Soft Cell: Memorabilia
Basil Poledouris: Memories
Super Furry Animals: (Drawing) Rings Around the World
Labi Siffre: Old Time Song
Nobuo Uematsu: Fragments of Memories
Ted Atking & Alain Feanch: Children's Carnival