Friday, 19 September 2014


"Listen to LISTEN". That's what it's going to say on the link to the podcast this week and there's frankly nothing we can do about that.

It's been a while since we've had to deal with an episode that's garnered near universal praise, the kind where dissenters are treated like there's something wrong with them, and it's odd how the pressure to deliver can build up, even for an irreverent, low-hassle podcast such as ours. How well do we do? You can find out when you listen to LISTEN.

This week there are fewer technical issues and we manage to avoid locking ourselves out, but due to a confluence of vehicle and builder noise, the outside efficiently breaks in a few times.

But anyway, come join us for a surprisingly broad range of opinions, noises, embarrassing and poorly-thought-out comments and pronunciations of Capaldi.

Get the Spotify playlist here
Enjoy the image resource, and finally...

Listen to LISTEN

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Chris JC said...

The Monkees: Listen to the Band
Boris: Pink
Well Well Well (12" version): The Woodentops
Fox: S-S-S-Single Bed
a-ha: I Dream Myself Alive
Andrew W.K.: Let's Go On a Date
Mike Oldfield: Pictures in the Dark (extended version)
Múm: Now There's That Fear Again
Labi Siffre: Dreamer
Teddy Pendergrass: You Can't Hide From Yourself
Sonic Youth: Pink Steam
Jimmy Scott: If You Are But a Dream
Free: Wishing Well
Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder: Together in Electric Dreams
XTC: Pink Thing
Spinal Tap: (Listen To The) Flower People
British Sea Power: Open the Door
Teddy Pendergrass: Close the Door
The Mood: Passion in Dark Rooms
Films: Dream of Computer
Freiheit: Keeping the Dream Alive
Jonny Greenwood: Clockwork Tin Soldiers
The Kinks: A Well Respected Man
ABBA: Dream World
Sandy Denny: Listen, Listen
Talking Heads: Listening Wind
Stephen Bishop: Dream Girl
Dan Hartman: I Can Dream About You
Todd Rundgren: A Dream Goes on Forever
The Hollies: Listen to Me
Andrew W.K.: Not Going to Bed
Jerry Goldsmith: The Dream
Ronnie Hazlehurst: Blankety Blank