Friday, 5 September 2014

PODCAST: Into the Dalek

Would you make a good Dalek? It probably depends which definition of "good" is being used, and therein lies the problem with the word itself.

Despite the clearly fascinating conversational possibilities brought about by this linguistic tripwire, we thought we might end up with quite a short show this week, but our feedback massive had other ideas. We were so distracted that neither of us even thought to mention how impressed we were with Into the Dalek's interpretation of Hartnell's very first Dalek adventure as the moment he first realises what it means to be the Doctor ("The Doctor is not the Daleks"). It's sweet, it's nostalgic and - if you've seen the very first few episodes of Doctor Who ever - it's completely accurate.

We're certainly living up to the Eleventh Hour name this week, being released incredibly late. We'd beg your forgiveness, but the general reaction from people is that they've just come to expect it,. Damn.

Join Joe and Chris as they discuss soundtrack possibilities, create the worst ending for a Sherlock Holmes adventure ever, require the window to be open (thus allowing a lot of jet aircraft noise onto the podcast again), mention Jim Watari and talk about blood being forcibly removed from their bodies.


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Chris JC said...

Metallica: The Memory Remains
Prodigy: No Good
David Lynch: The Pink Room
Tangerine Dream: The Evil Within
Juan Garcia Esquivel: Sentimental Journey
Satchel: Mr. Pink
Feargal Sharkey: A Good Heart
Art Attacks: I Am a Dalek
Black Sabbath: Into the Void
Nine Inch Nails: Into the Void
The Beach Boys: Good Vibrations
The Psychedelic Furs: Pretty in Pink
The Eagles: Journey of the Sorcerer
Shalamar: I Can Make You Feel Good
The Shamen: Ebeneezer Goode
Hugo Montenegro: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Jim Steinman: Bad for Good
Earth Wind & Fire: Evil
Donald Fagen: Good Stuff
Utah Saints: Something Good '08
Jon & Vangelis: Be a Good Friend of Mine
ABBA: Soldiers
Dodgy: Good Enough
Julee Cruise: Questions in a World of Blue
Martika: Toy Soldiers
The Skids: Into the Valley