Thursday, 1 April 2010

Episode 0 Reference Guide

Hello folks! Hope you enjoyed Episode 0 as much as we enjoyed making it. I did notice listening back that, although we tried to explain things, we did make a few throwaway references to the old series of Who in particular that may not have made much sense to some of you. So, with that in mind, I've made a handy reference guide so you can look up any stuff from the episode that confuses you (and also partly for my own enjoyment). I should think that I won't have to do this again, given that Episode 0 was uncharacteristicall rambly. Anyway, here is your handy glossary for 'The Zero Room':

Androgum - A primitive human race featured in 'The Two Doctors'

The Caves of Androzani - Peter Davison's final adventure.

Chris Chibnall - Writer of '42' from series 3.

Destiny of the Daleks - 1979 Tom Baker story, regarded less positively than 'Genesis of the Daleks'. We refer to a cliffhanger where Daleks repeatedly order Romana to not move.

Dimensions in Time - 1993 Eastenders/Doctor Who crossover broadcast for Children in Need. It has a very poor reputation among fans.

Earthshock - Peter Davison story, featuring David Banks camping it up as the Cyberleader.

Genesis of the Daleks - 1975 Tom Baker story, referred to by me as the best Dalek adventure ever, and which makes the Dalek/Nazi comparison especially obvious. Also first appearance of Davros.

Murray Gold - Composer for all of New Who.

Jacqueline Hill - Played one of the initial companions of the First Doctor, Barbara, and appears as a different character in the Tom Baker adventure 'Meglos'.

Karn - The planet 'The Brain of Morbius' is set on. The 'other Karn' I refer to is Dalek Caan from the new series.

Leela - Companion of the Fourth Doctor.

Louis - My dog, who Chris may end up kissing.

Maxil - A character played by Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor, in the Fifth Doctor adventure 'Arc of Infinity'

Mondas - In the original series, one of the home planets of the Cybermen. It was the twin planet of Earth.

The Rani - Evil time lady, featured in 'Mark of the Rani', 'Time and the Rani' and the charity special 'Dimensions in Time'

Gary Russell - Former editor of Doctor Who Magazine and writer of Doctor Who spin-off material, who Chris keeps confusing Gareth Roberts for.

Christopher Ryan - Played General Staal in 'The Sontaran Stratagem'/'The Poison Sky'

Sil - Creature (called a 'Mentor') in the Colin Baker adventures 'Vengeance on Varos' and 'Mindwarp'

Silurians - Reptilian creatures, the original inhabitants of Earth. Appear in 'Doctor Who and the Silurians' and 'Warriors of the Deep'. Their close relatives, Sea Devils, appear (unsurprisingly) in 'The Sea Devils'

The Space Museum - First Doctor adventure. Can you guess what it features?

Mary Tamm - Actress who played the first incarnation of Romana, a time lady and companion of the Fourth Doctor, in 1979-9.

Time Crash - 2007 mini-length Children in Need special, featuring a meeting between the Fifth and Tenth Doctors.

The Two Doctors - Colin Baker story (also starring Patrick Troughton) in which the Doctor, due to the actions of the androgums, does indeed swear to adopt a vegetarian diet.

UNIT - Military organisation whose purpose is to investigate and combat alien and paranormal threats to the Earth.

Toby Whithouse - Writer of 'School Reunion' from series 2.

Beth Willis - One of the other executive producers of the forthcoming series (along with Steven Moffat and Piers Wenger)


Chris JC said...

a time lady and companion of the Fourth Doctor, in 1979-9.

I massively approve of this wording.

KevinCV said...

You guys forgot to cite the "Torchwood" reference you guys made about dealing with a Cyberman: Barbacue sauce and a pterodactyl... :D

Chris JC said...

We just didn't want to think about it :(

KevinCV said...

Ah, okay. Understandable. Enjoyed "The Eleventh Hour", btw. I look forward to hearing what you 2 have to say about it.

Chris JC said...

Only joking, Kevin, it was a genuine oversight. :)

We forgot to explain the "Zero Room" of the title as well, but never mind, eh?

Thanks for listening - we hope to continue entertaining you (and others).

Horatio Outside said...

Kevin - a "deleted scene" explains that I've never actually seen any Torchwood. I'm still none the wiser regarding that comment.

Glad you have you on board Kev.

KevinCV said...

It's my pleasure, Horatio. I'm sure my input will prove pretty valuable, especially considering I'm an American fan. :)