Thursday, 8 April 2010

PODCAST: The Eleventh Hour


After some experimental podcast nibblings, welcome to our proper episode one. We've had some teething problems with our recording software so you will hear a few glitches. Most of them have been edited around. But enough of the apology: join Joe and Chris as we CHAT ABOUT DOCTOR WHO.


PLAYLIST (on Spotify)

Ron Grainer: The Prisoner Main Theme (Full Version)
Josef K: Applebush
Led Zeppelin: Black Dog
British Sea Power: Open the Door
Orbital: Doctor?
Weezer: Pork & Beans
Smashing Pumpkins: Zero
Tori Amos: You Can Bring Your Dog
Pink Floyd: Apples and Oranges
The Black Mages: Zeromus
Icehouse: Hey Little Girl
Labi Siffre: Doctor, Doctor
Sparks: Amateur Hour
The Prodigy: Take Me to the Hospital
Hot Chocolate: You Sexy Thing
The Human League: Being Boiled (Fast Version)
Meat Loaf: Lost Boys and Golden Girls
Scrap Heap Challenge - The Leisure Hive


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KevinCV said...

Thanks for the shout-out, fellas! I really appreciate it! I enjoyed new version of the theme music quite quickly, honestly. It had a much darker color musically that signifies to me that there's some dark stuff on the way. I even Tweeted Murray Gold to ask him if that was indeed the case, and he simply replied "Possibly... ;)".

I also enjoyed how the Eleventh Doctor picked out his his outfit. In fact, I had a flashback back to Jon Pertwee's first episode, which was my first ep of classic Who that I watched. By the way, I like the Cybus Cybermen more than the classic Cybermen. Mostly because the Cybus Cybermen don't have that weaksauce weakness to gold, which was so absurd. I agree with Joe on the Smiliers. They're making me feel really uneasy for this weekend. Keep the brilliant work, guys!

Btw, another good Doctor Who site is

Chris JC said...

Ah, we know it and love it. In fact, probably time to add that to the resources list.

No worries about the shout-out, you're very welcome and we hope you enjoy the more raucous, music filled version of the podcast.

mb said...

WOOOOT! New EH ep! Haven't checked iTunes tonight - am about to


Chris JC said...

I hope none of you iTunes people have had problems syncing the episode to your iPods. Hopefully this problem is confined just to my machine.

mb said...

No problems sir! Synced to my iPod classic without incident. Listening now. Kudos for the music choice :)

Chris JC said...

Thanks, you wonderful guy.

KevinCV said...

Oh I did enjoy it! In fact, if you need a guy on there to present an American POV of the Whoniverse, I'd be more than happy to do that. Although, I'm not as versed with the classic series as you guys are. I'm working to rectify that, though. I also have a toy sonic screwdriver, but it's the Tenth Doctor's.

I also have all 3 Doctor Who soundtracks from the new series, as well as both Torchwood soundtracks on my hard drive, so if you need Murray Gold and/or Ben Foster's music for the podcast, I can happily provide them. Anyway, I can't wait to watch "The Beast Below" this weekend. See you guys later!

Horatio Outside said...

You really are kind, Kevin. I presume Chris won't object to you guesting on the programme - we're all up for guest spots.

Further to my comment about hospital clothes I've noticed that everytime the Doctor regenerates alone he nicks clothes from a hospital. What's all that about?

KevinCV said...

I'd love to do a guest spot on there. My schedule is pretty much open, so I'm ready whenever you two want me. Although, I've never done a podcast before. I've mostly just been an avid listener of them. I hope my presence there won't be TOO off-putting, considering I'm American.

Although, I do have a keen understanding of British idioms and how they're used, so don't be TOO surprised if I end up using one. Especially if it's in the correct context. Also bear in mind that I have s habit of rambling. I'm trying to work on that, though.

As for the hospital clothes thing, I dunno what to tell you, Horatio. Maybe it's an obscure running gag for the series. Or maybe the Doctor is just one helluva opportunist. Or it's a bit of both. :D

PalmerEldritch said...

i seem to recall the 8th doctor taking clothes from a hospital too. yes, for better or for worse, i remember the 8th doctor. :)

PalmerEldritch said...

oh! and good podcast. enjoying it immensely!

PalmerEldritch said...

also, i wonder how the British Classic Who experience differs from the American Classic Who experience. wonder how different my experience is from MBs. we're both Americans but from different coasts and slightly different ages.

we had to go out of our way to find Who. and we'd get it in large "story arc" blocks as far as i can remember. we wouldn't get a one episode chunk and have to wait a week. it would often air late at night on weekends and you could sit there hours watching it. usually during "pledge drives" where you could make a donation to PBS (the semi-government funded educational/childrens family of local television affiliates) and get free TARDIS mugs if you pledged enough. it seemed to be favored by my more cerebral/nerdy friends. i remember watching mostly episodes featuring Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and Sylvester McCoy. although i do seem to remember the odd Pertwee adventure or two.

did you britishers get short weekly installments of Classic Who? or just the new episodes?

hmm... Joe is new to Classic Who so perhaps Chris could answer?

also, i like Dr Who.

KevinCV said...

Palmer, my first exposure to classic "Who" was also my first exposure to "Who" in general. My mom got some DVDs of it for Christmas from one of my older brothers when I was about 14 or 15. One of them was Jon Pertwee's debut story "Spearhead from Space", which was also the first appearance of the Autons.

I remember watching that one with her a couple of days later, and I was absolutely terrified of them. I mean, I knew intellectually that from a production standpoint, they were really just men in masks, but it was the concept that they were essentially shop window dummies brought to life that made me terrified of the Autons.

In fact, I couldn't even look at shop window dummies the same way for a couple years after that. That same feeling resurfaced when I saw them in "Rose", even though I was about 19 or 20 at the time. It's amazing how long that feeling sticks with you. In fact, I'll even admit that I was a little bit hesitant about taking a shower after watching "The Waters of Mars" last year, and I'm 23!

Chris JC said...

I'll address the other stuff later when I have more time, but you may be interested to know that the shop front the Autons break out of in Spearhead is about seven minutes from Joe's house by bus. And indeed about six minutes from my old home (having lived a very short walk from each other for ages and not realised).

Horatio Outside said...

I'm not sure we were really friend when we both lived in Ealing. We may have known each other but not have been on super-friendly terms.

Since classic DW ended when I was about 3 and it very rarely (Chris knows of one time, I can't remember any) gets shown on TV I have mostly relied on buying/being lent DVDs. Also because I am a relatively new fan, as stated in Ep 0. Chris's experience is different, so I'll let him explain.

As for the hospital/clothes issue I've come to the conclusion that the Doctor doesn't quite have his moral compass properly set if he regenerates alone, and thus has no-one to tell him not to nick stuff.

Stephanie said...

I like Doctor Who and the Eleventh Hour Podcast!

KevinCV said...

Hate to sound impatient, but where's episode 2? I wanna listen to what you 2 thought of "The Beast Below".