Tuesday, 27 April 2010

PODCAST: The Time of Angels

Join Joe and Chris on thie week's EH? as we discuss the wisdom of Steven Moffat whacking two of his most popular Doctor Who creations together in the same episode while also resolutely not saying "CRACKWATCH!"

For a while at least.

Remember to keep listening, as if you stop, we will emerge out of your speakers and earphones at speeds that defy human comprehension.

PLAYLIST (on Spotify)

Space: Avenging Angels
The Sallyangie: River Song
J. Elliott & B.A. Ferguson: Charlie's Angels
Ooberman: Blink of an Eye
The Streets: Dry Your Eyes
Outkast: When I Look in Your Eyes
Sleeper: Statuesque
Tasmin Archer: Lords of the New Church
Electric Light Orchestra: Turn to Stone
Booth and the Bad Angel: Dance of the Bad Angels
The Templeton Twins with Teddy Turner's Bunsen Burners: Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
Marvin Berry & The Starlighters: Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine?)
Pentangle: I Saw an Angel
Smashing Pumpkins: Eye
Nazz: Open my Eyes
Scott Walker: Angels of Ashes
Nuno Bettencourt: Fallen Angels
ABBA: Angel Eyes
Helmut Zacharias: Naturally Stoned
Faye Wong: Eyes on Me
Stone Temple Pilots: Where the River Goes
Van Halen: Jump
Fantastic Plastic Machine: There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)
Graeme Revell: Believe in Angels
Buddy Guy: I Got My Eyes on You


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PalmerEldritch said...

well done, guys. this is fast becoming one of my very favorite podcasts. your banter is often Dharmalarsesque and its really fun to eavesdrop on your Who conversations. bravo, joe and chris.

Chris JC said...

Kirk, you don't realise how big a compliment that is to me. Dharmalars is kind of my blueprint for how to do this kind of casual fan podcast and so the similarity in structure is deliberate. On top of that, we try to replicate the style of the music choices but borrowing from The Lost Initiative the amusement of relating the songs to the plot of the episode.

Despite using those two as inspiration, obviously you can't CREATE decent interplay and chatter between hosts unless it's naturally there and we seem to be doing well. I hope we've added something with the voice effects, interplay with the music and occasional wacky editing.

So thank you bigly, Kirk.

Stephanie said...

Right, Chris. You can't replicate interesting interplay and chatter unless you have two fascinating hosts. Good job, guys.
Great shoes, River.

KevinCV said...

Another excellent episode, guys. I downloaded the version of the episode when it had aired on BBC HD, so I didn't see that Graham Norton thing on the bottom during the Doctor's badass boast to the Angels.

Yeah, I know who Graham is. I watch him on BBC America on occasion, and he's really funny. I think if Graham were to be on Doctor Who, that'd be kinda cool. But only for a short time, mind you. I can't wait for "Flesh and Stone"! I'll bet it's gonna be really awesome! :D Not gonna get too hyped, though. Keep up the great work, fellas!

Reece said...

Great podcast. Quickly becoming one of my favs.

Chris JC said...

Wow! Thanks, Reece! We do occasionally look at the download statistics for our episodes and wonder where all these people who seem to be listening are hiding themselves, so it's really amazing to hear from you.

We hope to continue to amuse and provide knowledge of excellent music.

Keir said...

Playlist trivia - a very rough very early live recording of The Stone Roses doing Open My Eyes by The Nazz can be found in the murkier corners of t'internet.

Chris JC said...

Thanks, man! I think I know someone who'd be interested in that. Glad you're enjoying the playlists!