Thursday, 1 July 2010

PODCAST: The Big Bang

It's finally upon us. The end. Not, perhaps, the final end but enough of an end for now.

Join Joe and Chris as they bring their recollections of the series into being purely by REMEMBERING them and also bid a fond farewell to CRACKWATCH and the frankly superhuman levels of editing it generates. Thanks for listening for all these weeks. We aren't quite sure what we'll do in the off-season but we promise we'll do SOMETHING and then make you listen to it.

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Chris JC said...

Barenaked Ladies: The Big Bang Theory
Steely Dan: The Fez
Blur: Bang
The Mighty Wah!: Remember
Stranglers: Always the Sun
Mountain Goats: You Or Your Memory
Pink Floyd: Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun
Olivia Newton-John: Suspended in Time
The Magnetic Fields: I Don't Believe in the Sun
World Party: Message in a Box
The Smiths: There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
The Fucking Champs: Hats Off To Music
Squarepusher: Star Time 2
Roger Limb: Kassia's Wedding Music (from "The Keeper of Traken")
Delia Derbyshire: Time on Our Hands (Titles and City Music)
ChromeoL Waiting 4 U
R.E.M.: It's The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
a-ha: The Sun Always Shines on TV
Paintings of Ships: Stars for Satellites
Hans Karl: Lunchtime at the Bishop Museum
Deibeat: Time to Rock
Mansun: Lemonade Secret Drinker
Propellerheads: Bang On!
Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder: Good-Bye Bad Times
Michael McDonald: Keep Forgettin'
The Creation: Making Time
Tori Amos: Time
Siobhan Donaghy: Halcyons Days*
Queen: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Stone Temple Pilots: Big Bang Baby
Chicago: Does Anyone Really Know What Time it Is?
The Teardrop Explodes: Treason (It's Just a Story)**
Tasmin Archer: Memory
Murray Gold: Silence in the Library
Labi Siffre: Second Time Around
They Might Be Giants: The Edison Museum
Nine Inch Nails: Complication
Huey Lewis & The News: Back in Time
Andrew W.K.: It's Time to Party
Erika Eigen: I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper

* requested by Kerrie
** requested by Carey

Wayne said...

Sometimes I find myself needing to convert the podcast down into "mono" because whomever is chatting in my right ear bleeds over into the left ear when their volume hits a certain level.

Other than that, you guys put out a wonderful season of podcasts! Many thanks!

Chris JC said...

Hey Wayne...

I think we swapped sides a few times in the early days but these days it's usually me occupying the right ear.

I chose to do this because I wanted it to be be easy for the audience (particularly new and international listeners) to separate our voices so they could be sure who said what. I listened to a few American podcasts and even though the hosts don't really sound like each other, it took me a while to distinguish between them. So in that respect, I hope it helps.

That being said, we aren't hard panned left and right. If we were, you'd notice it and there'd be no bleed (except from residual echo left over from the Skype connection which bothers me as editor but is very hard to address).

So what I'm saying is that it isn't bleed - if you take out one of the earbuds you'll still hear both of us to an acceptable level (I once appeared on an episode of someone else's podcast that was panned hard left and right and people complained that they sometimes liked to listen with one earbud in, and this made it impossible), but I hope the panning creates separation and space.

What I might do in future is reduce the amount of panning by a small amount to see if I can find a compromise for everyone.

Aside from that, glad you've been enjoying. We have enjoyed doing them and hope people like the lack of a rigid structure (even if we have found ourselves falling into a bit of one). All we need now is to go Full Dharmalars and have much more non-Who chat at the start.

Maybe next years :)

Stephanie said...

I enjoy having Chris in my right ear and Joe in my left.

Catbrain said...

I'm going to miss sitting on the couch with you guys having a conversation around me.

PalmerEldritch said...

catbrain, awesome avatar.

chris and joe, excellent podcast. good stuff. although, i've been listening to you while mowing the lawn and hope not to have any sort of pavlovian response to hearing your voices where i immediately begin walking around as if pushing a lawn mower. although, that'd be a good conversation starter.

really liked the Big Bang. thought it was pretty intelligent. had fully expected that he'd use the vortex manipulator to talk to Amy in the Angels 2parter. was pleasantly surprised to see how it went down. i'd've liked the vortex manipulator as the key but enjoyed the crack.

or something.

also, my understanding was that the "new" universe A) is essentially the old one, B) contains the Doctor and all his backstory once he is remembered, and C) was saved by the Doctor before he was "erased" from time such that the world had been saved in the past but nobody could remember by whom. or something. anyhow, my belief is that new universe = old universe.

moffy taking a dump on all established continuity and all recorded history would be a bit much.

Horatio Outside said...

Catbrain - we can come over and sit on your sofa, if that would help? I think we're enjoying having a bit of a rest but should be back in business soon enough... before we are forgotten completely.

Anonymous said...

is life worth living without CRACKWATCH?

Chris JC said...

We've been asking ourselves the same question. I'm not sure [...]watch is gonna have the same ring to it.

Still, if we do City of Death next, which we seem to have committed ourselves to, then there will be one last attack of RETRO CRACKWATCH.

PalmerEldritch said...

let us know when you're thinking of doing that episode so we can track down copies to watch ahead of time. does the UK have a Netflix Streaming equivalent (just iPlayer?)? Australia? Canada? etc?

City of Death is on Netflix Streaming (or was as of several months ago). fun episode!

Chris JC said...

LOVEFiLM (that's their capitalisation) offer a few titles for streaming: some free, some PPV, but none of them are Doctor Who, they are usually smaller titles.

James said...

I'm all for reviewing "City of Death" if I get a bit of notice. Would love to contribute thoughts to it.

Great podcasting guys. You are in fact the highlight of my week as far as podcasting goes. So much so that I actually have been listening to episodes prior to seeing the actual show which kind of spoils things, but not too much. Thank God you don't do a "Re Cap"...those things drive me nuts. It seems that all the other US crew seem to see the episodes early? Where are you all getting them?

Anyway...well done, all the best,
James :)

Horatio Outside said...

James - we get them by dint of being English and therefore being able to watch them a few weeks ahead of you guys.

Our American friends get the episodes from places we probably shouldn't mention.

James said...

Yes, I figured that :) Maybe Palmer or Steph can lead me to the source (a good one...I'm a bit snobby when it comes to video and sound quality etc).

On a related note I really hate the Comcast BBC America quality. The sound is appalling. Apparently some areas of the country have BBC America HD, but not yet in Seattle! Most annoying. I have seen a few of the new series in HD and it is obviously a huge improvement. My current viewing is tainted by murky sound and bad mixing when Murray Gold goes over the top.

Chris JC said...

Joe, meet Jimmy. Jimmy, Joe.

It's massively gratifying that you enjoy the show, Jimmy, as I know you don't piss around with stuff you aren't enjoying as the last two seasons of LOST will attest.

I wouldn't dream of recapping - if you didn't see the show you probably shouldn't listen to the podcast. I learnt this from TLI and Dharmalars (and, in their own way, I also learnt it from from a couple of other popular LOST podcasts).

Since learning that you like the show, meant to ask you what you make of the work of Murray Gold? My views on the subject are, I feel, well covered on the show.

I have no idea where the US guys are getting theirs. I reckon Kirk or MB will fill you in. I can imagine when some jolly good UK telly comes around it must suck a bit being an ex-pat.

(Security word = "shing". Excellent)

Chris JC said...

Ahem... when I say "if you didn't see the show you probably shouldn't listen to the podcast", I'm not commenting on you listening ahead, just on the reasons for not recapping.

PalmerEldritch said...

theoretically, someone could have connected to the bbc web site using a proxy and watched via iplayer. theoretically.

until the proxy stopped working. at which point they could switch to doing blind google searches for episode titles and show name along with one of the big downloading services (megaupload, etc).


just watched the first two episodes of Earthshock. i remember a bit of the end from watching as a youngster and am really looking forward to it. assuming that i remember it correctly.

/sadistic bastard

PalmerEldritch said...

jimmy, the audio on BBC America over this coast is awful too. metrocast. and it's horrible. and, apparently, only during Doctor Who.

Chris JC said...

it might just be the sound mix in Doctor Who to be honest. Although it's massively better than the broadcast versions of the Eccleston series. Murray Gold overload = more important than dialogue.

Palmer, your /sadistic bastard suggests that you DO remember it correctly.

I hope you can get all four episodes, or you'd never know if you were right.

PalmerEldritch said...

yeah, Netflix has all of Earthshock. and some other Davison. and some of each Baker. and all of Eccleston and Tennant. or at least most of Tennant. and some Pertwee. and some Troughton. and McCoy. it has a lot of Doctor Who, it ends up.

PalmerEldritch said...

just watched "The Mind Robbers" on Netflix streaming with Patrick Troughton. he really does remind me of Matt Smith. in fact, the whole episode reminds me of Steve Moffat's Who episodes to a degree.