Friday, 25 June 2010

PODCAST: The Pandorica Opens

As promised, the Pandorica has opened and here we are again in our non-digital-representation forms. Join us as we talk about the episode, whether it's superior to what Russell would have done, who the mystery voice could be etc. Contains the sound of us excitingly typing the name of the possible Big Bad at each other so as not to say the name out loud.

Join us, won't you?

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Chris JC said...

Cocteau Twins: Pandora
Pandora's Box: The Opening of the Box
Donna Lewis: Silent World
Spinal Tap: Stonehenge
The Postal Service: This Place is a Prison
The Buggles: Living in the Plastic Age
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth: Stonehenge
The Wannadies: Silent People
The Knife: Silent Shout
Orbital: The Box Pt. 2
The Fall: Open the Boxoctosis #2
Low: In Silence
The Future Sound of London: We Have Explosive (Pt. 1)
Konami Kukeiha Club: Silent Hill
Chromeo: Opening Up (Ce Soir On Danse)
The Boo Radleys: What's in the Box? (See Watcha Got)
Spyro Gyra: Starburst
Boy Meets Girl: Waiting For a Star to Fall
Devo: Explosions
The Chemical Brothers: Star Guitar
Mountain Goats: Have to Explode
Mike Oldfield: Supernova
Pandora's Box: The Future Ain't What it Used to Be
Yasunori Mitsuda: Stars of Tears (opening Theme from Xenogears)
Dubstar: Stars

mb said...


Want day to be over now so I can commence listening on the way home :)

Was wondering if that Spinal Tap cut would make it into the playlist - (cyberleader:) EXCELLENT!

Holy crap - you've got Boy Meets Girl in the playlist. One of the very few bubblegum pop songs I own on 45rpm vinyl - I should pull that out again - I bet the Ace would love it :D

Catbrain said...

That's the problem with stream of consciousness - it only makes sense at the time of writing. That dribble confused ME.

Also loved the high rising terminal: QUESTION EVERYTHING (you did it really well... slightly scary)

PS: "awesome" playlist too.

Carey said...

Just a quick comment to say how much I've been enjoying the Eleventh Hour podcasts over the past few weeks, and how I'm looking forward to both your review of the Big Band and hopefully we'll be getting an overview of the entire series as well, bearing in mind how the final episode puts a lot of it in context.

That said, I'll be very disappointed if Treason by the Teardrop Explodes fails to make it onto the Big Bang playlist, as it more than sums up the subtext of the series for me:
"And then you realise, it's just a story..."

(Oh, and a big thank you for playing Petula Clark's Colour My World during the Vincent podcast-- never heard it before, and it's an utterly gorgeous song).

Keep up the good work.

Eleventh Hour Podcast said...

Our review of the Big Band:
Slightly too many tubas, and it rained in the park.

Sorry :)

We hear ya about Treason - what we tend to try to do with the referencing is make sure the reference is in the title rather than the lyrics as people can't really hear it so we have ignored many cool music picks with great relevant lyrics because of this rule (although we've broken it just a couple of times when it's been too much to resist, and we often use songs that are in the episode - which will also happen in the Big Bang episode).


We know Treason very well, and sometimes see it credit as "Treason (It's Just a Story)" - which would both fit in with our rules and allow us to play an excellent song.

So we will :)

That Petula Clark song really is splendid, isn't it?

Horatio Outside said...

Thanks for positive words, Carey. It's nice that our music choices are starting to get praised as well!

I think we do reflect on the series on a whole during the Big Bang review, as well as having a little cry because it's been a wonderful journey and we're big softies and that. Perhaps I'm exaggerating.