Wednesday, 3 November 2010

PODCAST: Death of the Doctor (aka 507 Varieties)

507 Regenerations? Is it to be taken seriously? Is it bad form to poke fun at Katy Manning's eyesight? Can Liz Shaw keep control of her skirt on the moon? Which male listener liked Santiago and which female listener enjoyed Jo and Sarah's coffin cuddle? Which listener is sexually depraved?

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Eleventh Hour Podcast said...


Sam Watts: The Ultimate Sacrifice (from The Sarah Jane Adventures)
L7: Pretend We're Dead
Tasmin Archer: Memory
Thomas Newman: Dead Already
The Mountain Goats: You Or Your Memory
Labi Siffre: The Vulture
Goblin: Waiting Death
New Order: Kiss of Death
Björk and David Arnold: Play Dead
Faith No More: Death March
Jack Trombey: Mask of Death
Pulp: Death II
My Chemical Romance: Dead!
Queen: Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to...)
Blur: Death of a Party
The Motors: Airport
Wil Malone: Death Line

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Catbrain said...

The Groske just reminded me of Dobby from Harry Potter movies. Are they always like that?

Chris JC said...

This is their first appearance but they are just colour switched versions of the Graske who are indeed always like that. Their usual colour is a bit more Dobbyish too.

Horatio Outside said...

I can understand a bit of the JRPG approach to enemy creation for budgetary constraints, but there is a limit.

Chris JC said...

Thing is, I'm sure the Groske ia a new mould rather than just a Graske Mask(e) resprayed so actually it's just down to that one joke, or the fact that nobody could be bothered to design a creature. Since the Groske only serves to tell you what's happening, to lead the kids to a hiding place and as a countdown, all things that could have been done without it, then frankly BAFFLEMENT.

p.s. security word is "grate". Great!

Chris JC said...

Dude, don't let it bother you. I've been recording and manipulating my own voice since the age of about 8 if not younger, and still practice by talking to myself almost constantly so am more used to doing recordings of that nature. i thought it sounded perfectly fine, duder.

Also, your electro voice at the beginning was very impressive.