Sunday, 28 November 2010

PODCAST: William Hartnell

Joe and Chris dive headfirst into their first Classic Doctor Who episode, for one of William Hartnell's adventures. As we actually select which adventure we'll cover on the show, you may wish to just listen and find out. If, however, you want to know beforehand (especially if you want to make sure you've seen said adventure first) the title is included underneath the image credit.

This is our first ever complete recording for the show with us both in the same place so we hope the results are pleasing. Stay tuned at the end for the time-travelling android version of Joe with further info, as well as James and Jennie with their uncanny ability to have sent voicemail EXACTLY themed around the adventure we decided to cover.


Picture from the Doctor Who Image Archive
(the adventure is "The Rescue")


Chris JC said...


Delia Derbyshire: Doctor Who (Original Theme)
Brian Hodgson: An Unearthly Child
Nelson & Raymond: Three Guitars Mood
Robert Gerhard: Asyndeton
Paul Bonneau: Siderial Universe
Pierre Arvay: Frightened Man
Jack Trombey: Youngbeat
E. Nordgren: Bathysphere
Roger Roger: Blast Off!
F. Bayle: Andromeda
Jack Trombey: World of Plants
Syd Dale: Impending Danger
Buxton Orr: Musique Concrete
(brief guitar interlude)
E. Sendel: Astronautics Suite
Martin Slavin: Space Adventure
Fontella Bass: Rescue Me

(all tracks, apart from Fontella Bass are available on Doctor Who at the Radiophonic Workshop Vol. 1 and Space Adventures - Music from Doctor Who

Jennie said...

JAMES, not John!

Chris JC said...

Well, I did do an update about how you'd imagined it and then revealed that I'd re-edited all the info, but used the wrong name in the answer as well so I've given up on that joke as a bad job.


Horatio Outside said...

You could at least have noted my blues twiddling at the beginning or your very brief cover of "You And Me Song".

Chris JC said...

Oh, piss.

J-Ro: Doctor Blues
Chris JC: You and Me Song

Jennie said...


Horatio Outside said...

Can't believe how bloody mumbly and unenthusiastic I sound on a voicemail to my own podcast. That'll teach me to act like some one-take wonder.