Friday, 6 May 2011

PODCAST: Day of the Moon

Who was she, then? Do we have any clue? Of course we don't! Come and hear us flounder about like a pair of idiots in the face of the WTFiest cliffhanger this side of a mysterious island.

Hear about the Pork Horse and Yank4Cash and maybe some stuff about Doctor Who as well. We aren't really selling it in these notes, but barely anyone reads this stuff anyway!

Listen to DAY OF THE MOON!
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Image adapted from one uploaded by SONIC BIRO


Chris JC said...


Eurythmics: Who's That Girl?
Def Leppard: Rocket
Japan: Canton
Alan Howarth & John Carpenter: Escape From New York (Main Title)
Barclay James Harvest: Child of the Universe
Bee Gees: Don't Forget to Remember
Squarepusher: Duotone Moonbeam
Go West: Goodbye Girl
The Waterboys: The Whole of the Moon
Noisettes: Never Forget You
David Lynch & David Slusser: Best Friends
Suicide: Rocket USA
Henry Jerome: Moon River
The National: Looking for Astronauts
Mike Oldfield: Moonlight Shadow
The Crystal Method: Busy Child
Doves: Almost Forgot Myself
The Monkees: Forget That Girl
Starbuck: Moonlight Feels Right
Extreme: Little Girls
James Sanderson: Hail to the Chief (excerpt)
Tasmin Archer: Memory
a-ha: Manhattan Skyline
Andrew W.K.: You Will Remember Tonight
Cat Stevens: Moonshadow
The Magnetic Fields: You and Me and the Moon
Paddy Kingsland and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Take Another Look
Deep Purple: Child in Time
Jerry Goldsmith: New York Skyline
Outkast: When I Look in Your Eyes

Jennie said...

I read it! i consider it a courtesy for you reading my blog ;)

Jennie said...

Also YAY CHILD IN TIME, one of mine and Holly;s favourite tracks. Although if you include my voicemail I might not let her listen next week...

Chris JC said...

That increases the possibility that we might stick it at the end, so you can get it switched off.

Does Holly listen? But we've said such rude words! Or are you okay as long as she doesn't hear a recording of Mummy saying the naughties? Actually, listening to the voicemail might the the first step to understanding why.

Child in Time is splendid, innit?

Security word: "bulefool" - excellent!

Jennie said...

Yeah, but she listens after I hae listened and I cough or talk over rude words... but if it's me talking she'll want to listen. Also, you know, she picked up swearing from me at a very early age, so she knows that there are "words you can use all the time" and "words you don't say at school or in front of grandma". She got into bother at nursery for stubbing her toe and saying "bollocks" and she didn't get why, and I had to explain it, so she knows that some people get upset by some words and stuff.

(security word "stomab")

Chris JC said...

That's a very good approach. I like it.