Thursday, 19 May 2011

New Logo!

Last year, a fellow podcaster requested we change logo because our respective ones were too similar. They were similar as we'd both stolen the idea from the same place, although in fairness they had stolen it first. Our solution was to change the colour and throw loads of effects at it. Since that time, though, more and more podcasts are using the "insignia" design and so we've been meaning for ages to do a new one, and this is it. Hope it's not too jarring after getting used to the other one.

Also, the EHP/EH? logo will appear on all future iPod artwork. That's right - we've gone brand-aware, bitches.

It will probably affect very little, if anything, on the blog design as we aren't in a hurry to change the header (cos it took bloody ages) or anything like that, just expect to see it on some of our comments on other people's blogs, on our Twitter and on the iTunes Music Store (when it catches up).

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