Thursday, 19 May 2011

PODCAST: The Doctor's Wife

Was it a brilliant episode that lived up to its lofty expectations to move, amuse and scare in equal measure? Or was it a mawkish slapdash update of a beloved piece of Doctor Who mytho... I'm sorry, I can't keep this up, it was a truly amazing episode.

OR WAS IT? Prepare yourselves, listeners for a disagreement in opinion so minor it makes last year's Silurian Smackdown look like the Thrilla in Manila. A disagreement so minor that it caused the very forces of technology to again turn against us, leading either to a hasty coda being recorded live and 2 Hot 4 TV at Chris's house or an impromptu instance of teleportation, whichever you prefer.

So join us for this Frankenstein's monster of a podcast, also the first of series 6 to not feature a mass of unaswerable question, whether good or bad.

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Chris JC said...

Eleventh Hour Podcast featuring Right Said Fred and Brian Hodgson: Sexy TARDIS (excerpt)
The Hollies: I'm Alive
Living in a Box: Living in a Box (12" Club Mix)
Devo: Space Junk
John Lee Hooker: Leave My Wife Alone
Death From Above 1979: Sexy Results
Focus: House of the King
World Party: Message in a Box
Beirut: My Wife, Lost in the Wild
Outkast: She's Alive
The Bobby Hammack Combo: Power House
Dr Hook: Sexy Eyes
They Might Be Giants: I Walk Along Darkened Corridors
XTC: Ball and Chain
Soft Cell: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
Hugh Montenegro: Theme from The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Anthrax: Madhouse
Les Savy Fav: We've Got Boxes
New Order: Thieves Like Us
Flying Lotus (feat Laura Darlington): Auntie's Lock Infinitum
Queen: Keep Yourself Alive
Brian Eno: Third Uncle
Extreme: Rock a Bye Bye
Yasunori Mitsuda: Chrono Corridor
Radiohead: Life in a Glass House
Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run*

*as requested by Bat Masterson

Flawedprefect said...

Cheers for the shout-out. Love listening to you guys. So glad I got you into podcasting, sir, you're bloody brilliant at it. If you're having trouble pronouncing my name, just think "Horse F*cker" or Porka Gee-Gee. Carry On! :)

Chris JC said...

We are already familiar with the Pork Horse so this shouldn't be difficult.

Carey said...

Oh lads, oh lads, oh lads, of course fans in the 70's hated Doctor Who as much as they do now. As DWAS president Jan Vincent Rudzki said in 1977 about a story now considered a classic:

'As a Doctor Who story, The Deadly Assassin is just not worth considering. I've spoken to many people... and they all said how this story shattered their illusions of the Time Lords and lowered them to ordinary people. Once, Time Lords were all-powerful, awe-inspiring beings, capable of imprisoning planets forever in force fields, defenders of truth and good (when called in). Now, they are petty, squabbling, feeble-minded, doddering old fools. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE MAGIC OF DOCTOR WHO?'

It's nice to know things don't change. Including writing in capitals for emphasis. I can't find the full review online now, unfortunately, but it was far longer, and in pretty much the same vein.

Keep up the good work, and 10/10 for including the Man From Uncle theme (and an extra point for using the better version)!

Chris JC said...

Hey, thanks!

I did, in fact, intend to get around to Rudzki's rant on the episode but it rather fell by the wayside. I remember him having a problem with one of the Time Lords having an aching knee, wondering why he doesn't just regenerate but, you know, you wouldn't just chuck a life away for a few twinges especially if you're into the eternal sedentary life of the Gallifrey Massive.

Horatio Outside said...

I was also aware of his dislike for 'The Deadly Assassin', and he goes into it on the DVD as well.

It never ceases to bemuse me that in a programme that's practically defined by change certain people won't stop complaining about changes that they don't like.

I'm trying to be more reasonable (like most Who fans, really), so I hope I don't have a fit when Doctor #12 is announced or anything.

Chris JC said...

Doctor 12