Wednesday, 19 May 2010

PODCAST: Amy's Choice

Five years after the events of the Eleventh Hour Podcast, Joe and Chris have settled down in peaceful Upper Podcastshire, but one day their rural idyll is shattered by the arrival of A Badly Thought Out Metaphor Based On The Doctor Who Episode "Amy's Choice". Nope. No idea where to go with that one. Don't blame us, it's late and we aren't very clever.

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KevinCV said...

Another great ep, guys! For some odd reason, on my first viewing of "Amy's Choice", I thought that the Dream Lord was the Trickster from "The Sarah Jane Adventures". I dunno why, I just had that feeling. I'm glad that wasn't the case, though. I probably wouldn't have liked the episode nearly as much.

I may send you some audio of me trying in my feeble way to do Dalek voices. But if you put the modulator effect over it, that'd be awesome. Hell, if you guys have any voice modulation effects for the Cybus Cybermen,
I may do some Cyber quotes for you to play around with.

I'm actually really excited for the first part of Chris Chibnall's 2-parter with the Silurians this week. I can't wait! Just to clarify, he worked as a freelance writer during series 1 of "Torchwood", and was head writer during Series 2.

By the way, which forum is that? I may wanna give it a looksee. I may even join in to the chatting. I think it'd be fun.

KevinCV said...

Thanks for e-mailing me the link to the forum. I'll give it a looksee when I'm done seriously geeking out about the fact that LucasArts is making a "Special Edition" of the second game in the "Monkey Island" series... XD

dustdaughter said...

Hello EH Podcast,

Black listener here. The 'blaccent' makes me uncomfortable but I just fast-forward before I can get offended.

I loved Amy's Choice, though I didn't like the title. I didn't know it was originally called The Dream Lord. That's a much better title but you are right; it does give the game away.

What is the name of the super secret DW forum where people don't like DW? (It's not Outpost Gallifrey, right? That's closed.) On second thought, maybe I don't want to know.

Love the show,

Didi (a.k.a. @dustdaughter on Twitter)

Chris JC said...

Hello, Didi. Thank you for your reply.

What has become the "black accent" began as me just saying "wrap this up" in an early episode in a slightly different voice without giving much thought to what voice it was. I must confess that as time has gone by, whenever I've used specific turns of phrase, more and more people have said to me that I'm doing a bit of an offensive accent and I hadn't really realised. I think the only time it was conscious was my goodbye at the end of Amy's Choice but I was already of the opinion that I was going to do my best not to do it again, even if it had happened without me realising.

The knowledge that it offends a listener of any colour is definitely enough for me to realise that I shouldn't. Thank you hugely, hopefully you won't have to fastforward again.

dustdaughter said...

No problem. Thanks for explaining.

Now let's move on and go about the business of enjoying Doctor Who!

Chris JC said...

Agreed! And it'd be great to see you on the Super Secret Doctor Who Forum for Cool People, too.

Podcast spoiler: this week will not be the week to be going about the business of enjoying Doctor Who considering how Joe and I felt about the episode, but I reckon we'll find enough to be somewhat positive about.

dustdaughter said...

Uh oh. Haven't watched the ep yet. Need to hit up BT Express :). You both have enjoyed the same eps that I've enjoyed to much the same extent. Maybe I should rewatch Amy's Choice instead.

Chris JC said...

So, that's Kevin and Didi furnished with the Cool Forum link, the ball's in their court now.

Unless they do just read the thing from the beginning and decide not to converse with us at all, which is a strong possibility.

KevinCV said...

I just read the whole thread from the beginning -but not without taking the occasional potty or food break- to the current last page, where I took the opportunity to announce my presence, under the handle of "the10thdoc".

I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say on "The Hungry Earth". I will say this about it, though: the new Silurians look pretty badass, even if their attitude towards humanity strongly remind me of the Reptites from "Chrono Trigger". :)

Catbrain said...

Hello, EH Podcast - I'm another who has only just discovered you in my search for all things Whoness. I fell away sometime during new season 4, but am a big fan of Moffat from his earlier work and, overall, I'm enjoying this season so far. I would love to get involved in further discussions, but the forums I've found are a bit vast. Is the Super Secret Doctor Who Forum For Cool People a little less daunting? Can I peek through the curtains?

One other thing (and apologies for not remembering who's voice is which in the podcast): are you the voice in the DIY video thingy or are you a brilliant mimic?

Catbrain said...

oh bugger - that should be "whose". Bloody iPhone correction.

Chris JC said...

I seem to have passed that link on to several people lately. Th truth is that the Super Secret Doctor Who Forum for Cool People is merely a Super Secret Doctor Who Thread for Cool People on a forum designed for listeners of a LOST podcast. I try not to link on here, but I'm sure I can get it to you.

Not sure what to tell you about the DIY video thingy, as we aren't sure what you mean. So it probably isn't us! I realise you're probably referring to something we talk about in the podcast but it's not ringing a bell with me.

Oh, and magically replying to the comment that follows this one - don't worry about the typo. I understand the iPhone is a bit of a sod for doing this.

Thanks for the comments - always appreciated.

Chris JC said...

Except the comment didn't follow that one. Silly e :)

Chris JC said...

Catbrain - email the podcast and I'll bung you a link.

Catbrain said...
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Catbrain said...

Cheers for the link - will check it out when spare time permits. Although, I did manage to waste a few minutes on this, by way of explanation of the "DIY video thingy"


Horatio Outside said...

Hello Catbrain! It's very interesting that you linked to the xtranormal video as if you spent a significant amount of time with us in real life you would probably hear us quote from such a video, made up of online conversations between Chris and another friend of ours.

I'm not sure Chris's dramatic voice is a purposeful Coogan impression, or just something silly he does.

Chris JC said...

Ah, around these parts we know that as UK Male Voice 1, but as an Xtranormal user you'd know it as that too.

I first encountered the voice as one of the main voices on the Rhetorical Rvoice speech synthesizer (high end thing for corporate clients), which I could never hope to afford but had great fun playing about with the long-gone online demo.

The, a little while later it showed up on Pendulum's "Blood Sugar":

(complete with onscreen lyric errors)

A few years later I encountered what must surely be the man himself playing an un-named weatherman on UK comedy show Broken News, with a cast of about 150 people, only 65 of which are listed on IMDB so I can't find his name or a clip of him, although I have uncovered a photograph.

Although, scratch all that because - as I'm amazing at finding things on the internet (it used to be my job), I've found out that he's called Jon Briggs. Still no guarantee that he's actually the guy behind that voice, although my wife is so convinced that I think she'd actually put money on it.

That was a longer reply than I intended.

Chris JC said...

I see Joe got in there first. Morning!

Catbrain said...

Thanks for that - it's the Weakest Link voiceover guy!

Chris JC said...

Foreigner: Cold as Ice
Black Sabbath: Lord of This World
Angelo Badalamenti: Dance of the Dream Man
Outkast: In Your Dreams
Devo: Freedom of ChoiceGiorgio Moroder: Lord Release Me
Labi Siffre: Dreamer
Dntel: Dreams
John Baker: Choice
Jessica Harper: Old Souls
Medicine: Time Baby III
My Bloody Valentine: (When You Wake) You're Still in a Dream
Lightning Seeds: Sweet Dreams
Love: Old Man
Classix Nouveaux: Is It a Dream?
The Jesus Lizard: Mouth Breather
Joy Division: Day of the Lords
Arab Strab: Dream Sequence
Andy Williams: The Impossible Dream
Gail Ann Dorsey: Just Another Dream
Jim Steinman: Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through
The Fireman: Lovers in a Dream
Yasunori Mitsuda: Awakening
Mike Oldfield: Daydream
Daryl Hall: Dreamtime