Friday, 14 May 2010

PODCAST: The Vampires of Venice

The "Vampiric Puns Guidebook" states that we must begin this update by imploring you to get your teeth into the new episode of EH?, in which Joe and Chris discuss The Vampires of Venice and look up stuff live on the internet AS YOU LISTEN. Some good listener feedback this week, too. Thanks to everyone who has emailed and commented on the blog. It's much appreciated!

PLAYLIST (on Spotify)

Antsy Pants: Vampire
Gerard McMann: Cry Little Sister
Ikara Colt: Sink Venice
New Musik: Dead Fish (Don't Swim Home)
The Human League: Mirror Man
OryZhien: Le Miroir
Les Savy Fav: Raging in the Plague Age
The Tremeloes: Silence is Golden
The Sleepy Jackson: Vampire Racecourse
Tenacious D: Master Exploder
Radiohead: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Simon and Garfunkel: The Sound of Silence
Z: Mommy
Chromeo: Momma's Boy
Harry Gregson-Williams: Vamp
Filter: Take a Picture
Killing Joke: Love Like Blood
New Musik: This World of Water
Pere Ubu: Caligari's Mirror
Brian Eno: Little Fishes
Andrew W.K.: Let's Go On a Date


Image from Sonic Biro


Chris JC said...

Before we all go there, note that I did originally call the Simon and Garfunkel song "The Sounds of Silence", but have since found that the title has been standardised to the singular form over the years.

In addition, Gerard McMahon first released "Cry Little Sister" under the alternate spelling Gerard McMann as used above, but that this version is also available credit to his bizarrely self named band "G Tom Mac".

Sorry for this tedious message, I just wanted to get it out there but not put it on the main update.

KevinCV said...

Another great ep, fellas! I once again appreciate the shout-out. Made me feel a little warm inside.

I've got a strong feeling "Amy's Choice" is gonna be a big mind screw episode. I just hope I don't have to watch it several times to make sense of it, cos I had to do that with "Blink", even though I really like that ep. Although, the Dream Lord strongly reminds me of Maldis from "Farscape".

I can't wait to watch it, though. I'll be watching it with my T-shirt that has the DeLorean from "Back to the Future" has crashed into the front of the TARDIS. I've been wearing it every Saturday while watching "Doctor Who". Keep up the great work! :D

KevinCV said...

Oh btw, regarding your opinion of "Planet of the Dead", I understand what you mean, but after re-watching both it and "Waters of Mars" back-to-back, it makes perfect sense why the Doctor let Lady Christina go and the other stuff you had problems with.

Because the Doctor has no long-term human companion during those 2 stories, he doesn't have anyone to keep his ego in check.

He's beginning to think he can do anything and get away with it scot-free, and that attitude is what nearly pushes him over the edge in "Waters of Mars" and becoming dangerously close to being exactly like the Master. It's Adelaide Brooke's sacrifice that snaps him back to reality and makes him realize that Donna was right: He needs someone there to stop him.

Thinking that way, "Planet of the Dead" wasn't
that bad. Like RTD said, it's the last chance for the Tenth Doctor to have some fun before the events leading up to his regeneration.

Also, watching Lee Evans and his goofiness was the highlight of the ep for me, even if his role was essentially the plucky comic relief. I'm such a huge fan of his, it hardly mattered.

Chris JC said...

I understand, and you do raise some valid points.

I do hope that, despite the strength of my feeling for Planet of the Dead (for example, it could be any one of a number of others), that I never give the impression that I think people who feel differently to me are idiots, because I certainly don't intend to.

KevinCV said...

No, you never gave me that feeling at all, Chris. I'm glad we can agree to disagree. in fact, your tone about "Planet of the Dead" reminds me of myself whenever someone mentions the cinematic travesty that was "Batman & Robin". I hate that film so much... :P

Btw, I only had to watch "Amy's Choice" twice to understand it all. Which is good, because I had to watch "Blink" 3 times to wrap my head around it. However, it was a truly excellent episode, and I hope Simon Nye will write another one.

However, The revelation on who the Dream Lord was came as a real shock to me. I even checked the TARDIS Wikia afterwards while I was downloading Confidential, and there some comparisons drawn between him, and this character from the classic series called the Valeyard. You should bring that up in the next ep, it's real food for thought.

Chris JC said...

I knew that we would have to discuss the Valeyard, but our position on discussing pre-2005 Doctor Who without really giving too much info will make that an interesting path to walk.

KevinCV said...

Fair enough, Chris. But you could always recommend listeners go to the TARDIS Wikia if they wish to have more concrete info if they don't mind being spoiled. I usually do that when I mention the classic series to my friends who've only seen Doctor Who from 2005 onward.

Chris JC said...

Ah, yes. Good idea!

Horatio Outside said...

Yes, especially as I've not actually seen Trial of a Time Lord and am desperately trying to limit the spoiling for myself.

Stephanie said...

The twist in this was very RTDish.

Chris JC said...

The twist in Vampires of Venice? Them being aliens is just very "Doctor Who" instead of specifically RTD, but it is one of those episodes that feels like it could have sat in the previous series pretty neatly.

Horatio Outside said...

The difference is that I suspect in the RTD years the twist would have been "they're not vampires... they're actually (2 sentences of explanation that are never mentioned again) but they will continue to act exactly like vampires for the rest of the episode."

Although, the "Devil" in The Impossible Planet was handled pretty interestingly.

PalmerEldritch said...

awww!!! i got shouted out! thanks, interweb friends. quite liked the jingle, chris. thank you very much.

enjoying the podcast. been away from home for a bit but did manage to watch the latest episode from the UK and am now listening to podcasts.

really enjoyed the new episode. and enjoyed the Vampires in Venice episode too.

Chris JC said...

That's great to hear, Palmer Eldritch (if that is your real name).

It just so happens that the Amy's Choice podcast is nearly finished and will be being uploaded in hopefully less than an hour (although Talkshoe may decide to be on a go-slow again), so you can continue to enjoy our podcast at your leisure.