Thursday, 6 May 2010

Sorry. I'm So Sorry

Thanks to Chris pulling some frankly astonishing, and muchly appreciated, feats of editing in the past few weeks it's only fair that he should get a week of rest sometime. Due to both of us being dog-tired on Sunday and to me being at band practice on Monday we didn't even get round to recording till Tuesday this week. And, since Chris goes to great lengths to bring you the high-quality, modulated, sweary Eleventh Hour Podcast that you all apparently love so much, I'm afraid that this week's episode will not be up till later tonight. It may even be up tomorrow but Chris has promised it will go live before this Saturday's episode, and I trust him to stick to his word. I know you're all good, patient people and will honestly not mind that the episode is a little later than usual (ooh we have been spoiling you) but it's polite of us to let you know. For my part, I promise that it'll be a cracking episode.

In the meantime, why not look at this image sent to us by hopefully future-participant of EH? Seb aka Vislor Merlot? It's intriguing and will be discussed in the episode. LOOK AT THE WATCHES!

If you prefer flippant explanations for lateness, we got stuck in a time vortex and had to live three days in an alternate universe as the same person. Getting to work was a right pain in the arse.

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