Friday, 18 June 2010

No podcast this week

Sorry, all. We did record a podcast for THE LODGER but sadly one of our number (okay, it was Chris) managed to lose his side of the conversation and due to time considerations we have been unable to remount the production in time.

We did convene to record an "emergency podcast" live, in the same room with no editing but in the end we decided that putting out no podcast was better than putting out a deliberately inferior show. If nothing else, this does mean that our VINCENT AND THE DOCTOR episode, which we're pretty proud of, has another few days at the top of the listing (if you haven't heard it yet - please do give it a listen).

One or both of us hope to give our thoughts on the episode on this very blog in the next few days. Until then, it only remains for us to include the picture that would would have kicked off the episode's blog update with:

You're welcome.

(Image from Sonic Biro)


KevinCV said...

No worries, fellas. I just hope you guys enjoyed that little voice clip I sent the other day. I look forward to seeing "The Pandorica Opens" tomorrow! XD

mb said...

So sorry about all the tech gremlins for you this week - very frustrating, I know.

It's probably best that my voicemail didn't get played as it demonstrates complete ignorance on my part - I say on the VM that I was confused about what happened to the ship at the end of the ep, when the Doctor clearly yells (as they are running out of the ship/upstairs flat) "IT'S GOING TO IMPLODE".

I must re-record a VM this week, if for no other reason than it's part 1 of the finale!

Zombie Cat said...

I just pulled the same face Matt Smith did in the picture when I heard there would be no new podcast. :-p